Are There Any Tricks To Lose Weight Fast? Find Out The Truth About Fast Weight Loss

I have been battling excess weight ever since I was in my early teens. I have asked myself many times if there were not any tricks to lose weight fast. When you have a special event coming up in two weeks, and you would like to wear that specific dress or shirt, but you realize that you have gained weight and it will not fit anymore, you can get really frustrated and your brain starts spinning around that question on how you can it.

I have done a lot of research on this topic in recent years and I have come up with a few answers that might help you understand this issue a little better. You will get an insight into how to lose some extra weight quickly.

We all have that family member who has been trying to lose weight but cannot seem to get down. Then you have that friend who seems to lose weight instantly without any effort. We all understand that our bodies respond differently to diets, yet it seems like people with 30+ pounds overweight cannot get into the right-sized body. Why is that?

I will go a little off topic here in order to give you a little of background on why fast weight loss might not be achievable for you and what you can do about it. After this little “insert”, I will come back to some tricks
that I have experienced myself and am currently working on.


1) Medical Barriers For Weight Loss

There is a number of medical-related issues that can cause weight gain, but also other ones that can prevent a person from losing weight, be it fast or slow. Problems with your thyroids are among the most common ones. If you do a little of research about hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism you will find that some people lose weight while eating what they used to eat; on the other hand, people cut down on their calorie intake but do not lose weight, or in the worst scenario even gain weight.

Your physical health has a word when it comes to weight loss, so rule that out first. If you have some health issue that is preventing you from weight loss, no matter how hard you try, it will not work.

A visit with your doctor is highly recommendable if you follow the steps outlined below and you still don’t lose weight.  In some cases, medication can lead to weight gains or prevent weight losses.

Also, be aware that you should not make a major change in your lifestyle without talking to your doctor first, especially if you have cardiovascular diseases or others.

2) Age Plays A Role

Even though people all ages can lose weight successfully and do it fairly fast, you will find that it is not the same for youth, that is physically active, to lose the same way as an elderly person that is not physically active anymore. However, you cannot state firmly that the older you get the harder you will lose weight.

There is no doubt that the older you get, the more you will be facing health issues, and sometimes even things you cannot cure or cure so quickly in order to lose weight quickly.

Therefore, losing weight might be a challenge later on in life when you are on different medications or when you are not physically active anymore.  Start to manage your weight while you are young.

3) Lifestyle Outweighs Most Of The Other Problems

What you do with your body on a daily basis is what can be the cause of unsuccessful weight loss. Some people have a sedentary lifestyle; they sit in their office most of the time. Others are sleep deprived because of stress caused by all those extra hours worked, and also tired because of the food they eat.  That is right, food is one of the main causes for feeling tired and exhausted.

Read what the number 1 cause for fatigue and exhaustion is by clicking here.

As stated, many people make poor food choices every day, because that is what is available on the market, it is the cheapest and it is the fastest.  With all those fast foods available, the calorie intake is much more than what is being burned.  How can you lose weight like that?

And the list continues, an unhealthy lifestyle is preventing you from losing weight.

In my experience, lifestyle is what is actually preventing you from losing excess weight fast.

A healthy lifestyle equals healthy body weight.

Now let me get back to the topic and you will see how it relates directly to the tricks to lose weight fast.  There are a number of tricks that will help you lose weight fast, but here are the most effective ones.

Trick #1: Sugar And Flour Are Your Enemies!

Chocolate-Milk-2nd-Ingredient-SugarThe food industry and our modern “fast-living” lifestyle have sold us the idea that we need sugar and flour and it is readily available wherever you go. Plus it is one of the easiest and probably the cheapest thing to eat. Take all the fast food chains: Most of their meals are high in sugar and flour. Take my word on this. Stop eating it and you will lose weight fast and keep it off successfully if you do not go back to that lifestyle.Pizza-lots-of-flour

If you go to the store and check any food items in any given aisle, and check the nutrition facts, you will find that sugar is the main ingredient in most of the processed foods. The ingredient list tells you exactly what the product has more of. For example, if it says water, sugar, …, you know that sugar is the ingredient next to water, so the main ingredient is water and the second main ingredient is sugar. The further down the list sugar is, the less there is in it.

Chocolate milk is an excellent example of the high amount of sugar in it. And let me warn you: There are many different words for sugar that might be unknown to you, but its still sugar.

Try avoiding sugar and flour and you will shed some weight faster than you thought you could.

Trick #2: Calories… Calories…

Yes, your calorie intake plays an important role in not being able to lose weight. Essentially, you should be eating the number of calories that you can use up. The calories not used will most likely end up in your belly as fat.

If you want to lose weight successfully, you have to take in fewer calories than you burn daily. As I described before, if you have a sedentary lifestyle and sit in your office daily in front of the computer, you will not burn even close to 2,000 calories per day. On the other hand, if you are physically active (I do not mean exercising by that) and you use 2,500 calories up daily, you want a calorie intake lower than 2,500 in order to lose weight.

Want to read more about calories?  Click here.

Processed foods at the grocery store and meals at fast food restaurants have lots of calories and you will eat way too many every day if you live from that. I made the comparison with fruit and vegetable calories and fast food meal calories here.

Trick #3: Eat Plenty of Fruits And Vegetables.

If you avoid sugar and flour, the things you will want to get into your diet to replace that are fruits and vegetables. It is not easy to do this in one day, but you can get into the habit of eating them for a snack instead of drinking soda or eating sweets. They are also easier to prepare, but yes, you will have to your local store and buy them there, and not go to a convenience store on the way home from your workplace. You have to make that decision to change that habit and weight loss is guaranteed.


Now that you learned about these tricks, you will ask, how much you should ideally eat of each food group so you can speed up your weight loss.

Here you have a few numbers that will help you: You should have between 20-30 ounces of vegetables and fruit daily, 10-20 ounces of protein (plant based or animal based), just around 5-8 little of grain (rice, oats, …), and around 2-3 oz of healthy fats. Just grab your kitchen scale and get the idea of how much that is approximate. This number greatly varies by what you work and do on a daily basis, but it gives you an idea.

I made an experiment some time ago just for the sake of understanding the impact of sugar and flour as well as fruits and vegetables. I did not eat any sugar or any flour in whatever form for 11 days, and ate plenty of vegetables and fruit, usually fresh. By the end of those days, I had lost around 10 pounds, which really was an eye-opener for me.

You can quickly get the pounds back if you go back to your old lifestyle, but if you keep it up, you should be losing weight pretty quickly.


Cutting down sugar and flour at first can be challenging because everywhere we go, everywhere we buy stuff, you can get it firsthand, and beside you can prepare so many meals with it. Our body gets used to the stuff that we are putting into it, and if we have the habit of eating lots of sugar and flour, it will ask for it a lot in the first few weeks when you avoid them. Nevertheless, as you are consistent and persistent, you will find that your body will stop craving for it.

Hope you got some new insights in how to lose some weight quickly. Have you found other tricks that helped you lose weight quickly? Have you tried what I suggest here? Did you have good results with it or did it not work for you? I would love to hear from you!
So long,


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  1. This is 3 Tips should be the first info people that are trying to lose weight should read!
    ….including myself lol
    I love to bake but to be honest more than feeling the need to lose weight is the need to feel healthy, so here i go into the new year looking for a healthier lifestyle, so thank you for reminding me with these info 😀
    Have a good one!

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving me a comment. Always love to hear from people who find my articles helpful.

      You are more than right, the need to feel healthy is above the need to lose weight. What I have been doing lately to lose weight is to change my lifestyle and by that I have been feeling way better and healthier.

      Come back to visit my site, or sign up for newsletter to hear about my successes and tips on how to get healthy and also lose weight. There is helpful information coming!

      Happy New Year,

  2. Great article on things you to incorporate and things to avoid to reach weight loss goal. I agree with everything you said on your article. I struggled with weight problem few years ago, and was eating the wrong food. Then I started consuming healthier real foods, taking less calories than my body needs. And using that strategy, I sucessfully lose 10pounds. Thank you for sharing your story.

    1. You mention the word “real foods” – I think that is the issue! Lose weight and be healthy can be achieved by not putting highly processed foods into our bodies. Congratulations on losing 10 pounds. That is an achievement. Keep it up.

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