10 Tips To Be Healthy​

tips to be healthy

If you came across the title, there is good chance that you are trying to do the same as I. Working towards a healthy lifestyle. Who does not want to be healthier?

There has been so much talk in the last decade about health and a better lifestyle, as not before in our history as humans. Everybody seems to be worried about better health and somehow have we realized that we are doing things incorrectly regarding our food and our overall lifestyle.

But how can we become more healthy? In this post you will find 10 tips to be healthy and to change your lifestyle.  [...]  Read more...

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Best Natural Vitamin C Supplement You Can Find

Best Natural Vitamin C Supplement

I have tried different vitamin C supplements over the course of years and I always come back to the conclusion that the best natural vitamin C supplement you can find is the Raw Vitamin C from Garden of Life. I have been taking these supplements regularly for 2+ years and have had success with them. They are usually in my cupboard, and I take a few of them daily, and more than just a few when sickness is underway.

Vitamin C is a vitamin that our body needs protect our body from free radicals that can cause problems in our body if not trapped and flushed away in time. Vitamin C is also there to strengthen our immune system so it can fight off invaders in our body. [...]  Read more...

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What Fruits Are High In Fiber? Click Here For A List of 32 Fruits

What Fruits are high in fiber

When we hear the word fiber, we commonly think of bread or cereal, which are indeed common foods rich in fiber.  However, did you know that there are many foods that are high in fiber?

In this post, I am going to outline a list of fruits that are a must-have for your digestive system.

The RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance) of fiber is between 21 and 38 grams per day, which is dependant on age and gender.  (Read all about fiber here).  It is known that 95% of Americans do not get the recommended 30 grams of fiber each day. [...]  Read more...

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What Vegetables Are High In Fiber?

Vegetables are undeniably the most nutritious food for our body.  No animal products, no fruit, no fat, no grain can give us what vegetables give to us.  For this reason, you should consume different vegetables every day; prepare them differently to make them taste great.  Nevertheless, raw is the best way to consume vegetables.

Fiber is the carbohydrate that is responsible for the correct functioning of our digestive system.  It makes stools soft and moves the digestive system steadily forward.  Fiber is needed to control blood sugar, cholesterol levels, among others. [...]  Read more...

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What Are The Health Benefits of Fiber? Click Here To Find

What are the health benefits of fiber

Normally when we hear the word fiber, we are thinking about loose stools. Well actually, fibers are not there only to loosen our stools, but for other reasons as well.

In this article, we will be looking at the 2 types of fibers and what each one of these types gives to the body. Next, we will discuss the benefits of fiber and also the downsides, as well as the recommended daily intake. And lastly, we will list some foods that are high in fiber.

When I was a child, my dad went to do some blood tests which, when they came out, showed that he had high cholesterol levels. The doctor then prescribed oatmeal to him, which was supposed to lower these levels of cholesterol. Little did I know about the health benefits of fiber back then, or why at all oatmeal would help lower cholesterol levels. [...]  Read more...

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What Does It Mean When You Are Always Hungry? Here Is The Best Answer.

Does it Mean when you Are Always Hungry

Have you ever thought that the lack of water is a major reason for being constantly hungry? It might sound odd at first, but let me explain why water is part of the reason that many people feel hungry all the time.

Our body is made up of millions of cells that all have to complete thousands of tasks every day so your body can stay healthy and function properly. However, these cells all need to be replenished with nutrients and energy all the time, because they can “burn out”. If they do not get what they need for a certain time, you can expect these cells to go on “stress mode” because they have to make so much effort to use few resources efficiently. [...]  Read more...

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Why is Water Healthy For Your Body? Here Is The Answer.

There are numerous reasons as to why water is healthy for our body. Another important reason to drink water is to affect your brain health.

Staying hydrated is well-known to keep your concentration levels up. There is a reason why there are bottles of water at nearly every staff meeting. Staff members are being asked to stay awake and energized through the meeting. There are other causes of feeling tired and exhausted and not being able to concentrate, but water is among the most common reasons why people are tired and not able to concentrate.   Read more...

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Can I Lose Weight By Walking On Treadmill?

Lose weight by walking on treadmill

When I made up my mind to lose weight, at first I did not consider walking as part of my weight loss plan. And I had my reasons for it.

First of all, fitness is not my favorite thing to do at all; in fact, I strongly dislike doing any kind of exercise for the sake of losing weight, and even for the sake of being healthy. It might sound scary to you that I would not even do exercise for my health.

Please get me right: I exercise here and there and think one should do it because it is undeniably healthy. Even though I know I should be doing exercise, I just never get into the routine, although I have tried it multiple times. I just try to be physically active here and there. [...]  Read more...

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How Can You Lose Weight By Walking? Here is the answer.

Can you lose weight by walking

When people are leading a passive lifestyle, sitting a lot on the computer in their offices, they tend to get overweight over time and everybody tells them that they need to get physically active or start to walk in order to shed those accumulated pounds.

However, these people then ask: How can you lose weight by walking? How should I do it, or where can I do it, or how often should I walk, and how long does it take to see results?

I remember vividly the times my dad told me that I needed to start moving because I would be severely obese in no time.  Good thing, it did not happen, neither of both.  Not until later did I start to workout. [...]  Read more...

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Can Sugar Cause Diabetes?

Can Sugar Cause Diabetes

In our modern diet, sugar is a regular component, but it is the single worst ingredient that you can add to your diet since sugar is considered as an empty calorie.

When a food, usually solid fats, and added sugars, have many calories but few nutrients, we consider them as empty calories. Take all the added sugars everywhere, in our cereals, in our drinks, not to mention all the desserts.

However, there is still the debate about whether sugar causes diabetes or not. Some researchers firmly believe that sugar is among the major causes, whilst others strongly disagree and say that there is no evidence that sugar causes diabetes. [...]  Read more...

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How Does Sugar Affect The Immune System?

Do you love sugar as much as most people do? Who doesn’t? A dessert is a must have, apparently. Whenever we invite people over to our homes, the first thing we ask: What are we going to make for dessert? When we go out to the restaurants, we also like to take a look at the sweets and most likely order one of these “guilty pleasures”, as a waitress once called it.

But is it good to eat sugar? Are there any effects? Or does sugar affect the immune system? These are all questions that we like to omit when thinking about the stuff that we put into our bodies because the sweets are so delicious and we cannot imagine living without them. [...]  Read more...

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Can You Eat Kale Every Day? You Will Find Out Here.

Can you eat Kale every Day?

Not only can you eat kale every day, but you should eat it on a regular basis.

Kale has made its way into the powerhouses of energy only recently. The benefits of kale had not been discovered for many years, but now that we know about the benefits kale has to offer, you should consider eating it every day.

It is definitely another one of my superfoods.

In fact, when I wanted to dig a little deeper into the benefits of kale, I looked it up in my healthy foods encyclopedia, which is less than 10 years old, and I found only a small paragraph dedicated to this superfood, whereas I would find up to 2-3 pages dedicated to other healthy foods. [...]  Read more...

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