Best Natural Vitamin C Supplement You Can Find

Best Natural Vitamin C SupplementI have tried different vitamin C supplements over the course of years and I always come back to the conclusion that the best natural vitamin C supplement you can find is the Raw Vitamin C from Garden of Life. I have been taking these supplements regularly for 2+ years and have had success with them. They are usually in my cupboard, and I take a few of them daily, and more than just a few when sickness is underway.

Vitamin C is a vitamin that our body needs protect our body from free radicals that can cause problems in our body if not trapped and flushed away in time. Vitamin C is also there to strengthen our immune system so it can fight off invaders in our body.

Why Do I Like Raw Vitamin C?

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Each capsule has 500 mg of vitamin C with naturally occurring bioflavonoids. Also, this supplement is filled with other health benefits since it is made of 23 organically grown fruits and vegetables, like asparagus, bell peppers, raspberries, spinach, carrot, cauliflower, beet, ginger, brussels sprout, cabbage, kale and many others.

The Garden of Life raw vitamin C is not a lab-engineered synthetic vitamin, but a whole food, raw, non-processed supplement that gives your real benefits. That fact that you can take these on an empty stomach makes it a plus. Because you eat real food when taking these vitamins, you do not need to worry about upsetting your stomach.

On the package, it says there are no binders and fillers. There are no sweeteners, artificial flavors, or added ingredients, which includes that it has been Non-GMO verified. It is whole raw organic food that comes directly from the vegetables and fruits. Our body can absorb whole food better than synthetic food, which is why this is the best natural vitamin C supplement.

And for the gluten intolerant, the good news is that the raw vitamin C from Garden of Life is gluten-free. And since it comes from vegetables and fruits, it is also a certified vegan product.

I also like the fact that you can open the capsules and empty its content into your smoothie or morning blend. That makes it even healthier. I do this sometimes because I dislike the fact that my supplements come in the form of “plastic”, so with this option, you have the benefit, without it tasting bad.

And lastly, the Garden of Life has added a raw probiotic and enzyme blend, which makes it a perfect choice for gut health.

The Raw Vitamin C from the Garden of Life provides much more than just vitamin C.

As I said before, I take these capsules regularly and they have not disappointed me once. I try to eat them with my breakfast. However, when I feel a cold is coming, I will take 2 capsules of these every 2 hours for 3-5 days and in no time my cold is gone.

Only days ago my throat started hurting and I knew something was on the way. I decided to take in 2,000 mg around 3-4 times per day and in no time was my problem gone, thanks to this wonderful supplement.
Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin that is not stored in the body but flushed away if not needed. Therefore, you cannot get too much too easy, and it helps greatly with the flu, along with eating healthy food and getting enough sleep.

I’ve recommended this to various friends and they have used it and noticed a change in a short time.

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Why Vitamin C Supplements?

Your body needs vitamin C as an antioxidant to help protect cells from damage done by free radicals. As stated above, vitamin C is water-soluble, which means that excess vitamin C is flushed away, which is why you need to take vitamin C constantly.

Your number one source of vitamin C should be fruits and vegetables, but that is not enough. There is an RDA of 15-125 mg per day, depending on age, gender, and lifestyle. However, this number is not high enough. Recent studies have found that vitamin C is something you cannot get too much of. The only sign of having too much vitamin C is diarrhea, but to achieve an overdose of vitamin C is not easily done. I take vitamin C regularly and I have never achieved an overdose.

Studies have found that vitamin C in high doses can help cancer patients, of which some have been cured. Since vitamin C repairs damaged cells and prevent mutations, you can go by the fact that vitamin C is the vitamin to take in daily.

There are many more reasons to take vitamin C and especially a natural supplement that is made up of fruits and vegetables only.



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