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Have you been looking for something to help you to lose weight? Have you tried to lose weight by changing your lifestyle and you have lost weight, but you are fighting the last few pounds to finally get into your right sized body and get all those clothes fitting? Here is the best treadmill for weight loss to aid you in losing those extra pounds. And you can do it from the comfort of your home.

While I do not recommend exercising while losing weight, as you can read in this post, in order to become a healthy person and feel well emotionally and physically, you definitely need to take advantage of products that help you to get into your right sized body.

I highly recommend losing weight first and then start to workout on the treadmill, although if you are a beginner, you are looking to do that slowly, without affecting your diet. Since your willpower is depleted after working out, you will more likely be eating too much after a workout.

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However, if you only take a walk on the treadmill, or slightly jog consistently at least 4 times a week, you will see results in not time, because eating healthy and getting physical work done shrinks your body into the right size.

If you have a passive lifestyle, like I do, because I sit a lot and do work by writing, organizing, teaching, etc., taking a walk is exactly what you need. Therefore, please consider buying the best treadmill for weight loss and getting what you have wanted for so long: A healthy you.

A brisk walk outside is the best you can do, but we do not all live in places where that is possible. The weather is often not complying with our needs. That is where this treadmill comes in handy.

The treadmill that we picked is the LifeSpan TR 3000i foldable treadmill.

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1. Dimensions

Lets first discuss the dimensions of this treadmill:

  • Length: 70.5”
  • Height: 55”
  • Width: 33″
  • Running Surface: 20”x56

The best part of the dimensions is that this treadmill is perfect for running! If you are a beginner, it works perfectly for walking or jogging. However, the running surface is great for a large stride. You will be looking for a surface that will naturally let you have your stride carried out without feeling awkward. The longest surfaces that you find are 62″, and this treadmill is not much shorter, so you will be able to carry out your workout very well.

As I said, if you look for a space saver and for a machine to walk and you do not plan to run on it, then you will definitely be looking to another option.

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However, if you are looking for a treadmill for to be able to run on, please check out the other awesome features of this treadmill for weight loss.


2. The Intelli Features

This machines is patented with the intelli features.

a) Intelli-Guard. The belt stops immediately after you step off the treadmill. An awesome feature to make sure you are safe and anyone using it. Sometimes you get tired while running, and instead of having to lower the speed, you just step off the belt and it will stop immediately.

b) Intelli-Step. The treadmill counts every step that you make with the help of this feature. Then it syncs the information with the online program so you get the overview of all you are achieving.

c) Intelli-Key. The intuitive lighting system that guides your console options.


3. The EZfold Space Saving Feature

When you look for a treadmill to use in home, you will always look for something that you can fold away so it doesn’t take up all the space in your house because chances are your house is not big enough to put large fitness equipment into it. So, with this treadmill, you have the option to fold it away to the EZ so you save lots of space. Also, the folding is easily done and doesn’t require the strong arms to do that.


4. Shock Absorbers

This treadmill has a full 8 independent shock absorbers. Should you use this treadmill to run on regularly, you will like it because it the impact on your knees, joints, and back is reduced drastically by this feature. When exercising, you need a good pair of shoes, but that is not enough, especially if you run full speed on it.

But not only will it be good for your back and knees when running. Also when you are overweight, walking can be stressful for your knees. Therefore, consider this treadmill since it offers this excellent feature that was made with you in mind.


5. Speed

No matter in what physical condition you are. As long as you can walk, this machine is for you. It has a speed range as low as 0.5 mph and as high as 12 mph. An impressive difference between the lowest and the highest. That means that you can run full speed on this treadmill, but you can also just walk slowly, all depending on the needs that you have.

Although I said this treadmill was for everybody, be aware that it is thought for people weighing less than 350 pounds. You should not worry if you weigh a little more than that, because ultimately, you are buying the treadmill to lose weight and in no time, together with healthy eating, you will lose weight.

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I like to recommend that beginners or people that need to lose weight, take workout easy, because eating correctly is more important in the first place than working out. Please do not overdo this, just take it one step at a time, until you lose the desired weight, and then find your pace to a more active lifestyle, where you will run and do good cardio sessions.


6. Incline

If you want to increase the intensity of your workout, because you are an intermediate workout “nut”, the 0%-15% incline will definitely give you something to work on. This comes in handy for multiple things. If you like to walk up the steep “hill” slowly, that is great, but also if you like to enjoy a full run up the hill. You can basically do everything with this option. You have what you need in order to work as much as you want. It is up to you, your needs and your pace. That makes this treadmill a great product.


7. Computer features

A modern treadmill would not be complete without the many up-to-date technology features, in this case the computer features. In addition to the multi colored LCD display and the quick start function, this treadmill offers a full 21 programs for you to follow. There were designed by specialists so you can rest assured that you are doing the right thing and not overdoing it. You have your own trainer at home available to you as often as you need.

The 21 programs are at least twice as much as competitor models in the same category. Plus you get the full membership in the LifeSpan Club, where your performance is completely tracked and monitored. You can rely on the treadmill to gather all data to give you an overview of your progress. You can sync the App with Apple Health and others so you can use them easily on smartphones.

Only few competitor models in the category offer outside connection to any app or program. Absolutely worthy to consider when buying.


As for every product, they all have downsides.

What could the treadmill make better?

1) Heart Monitor

The heart monitor could be improved. Most other models in the price range would have the chest strap to be the heart monitor, but in this case there is the pulse grip. And we would expect the chest strap on this one as well for the price. Reviewers claim that in many cases this heart monitor has not been as accurate as expected and in some cases has been completely false. LifeSpan should therefore consider updating on future upgrades or newer models.

2) You Do Not Get An Olympic Type Treadmill

As for every item, consider the price and you will get what you are paying for.  Do not expect the treadmill to be for olympic athletes.  It is one with advanced features, yet it is for beginners and for intermediate.  The reviews you will find on this model of display what people think about this model, and they compare it with advanced treadmills, which is cannot be done.  However, for the features you get and the money you pay, you get a decent treadmill.

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Why Do We Pick This Treadmill?

There are a few reasons why we recommend this treadmill for weight loss. First, there are many great features to this treadmill like the incline, the EZfold, the Intelli features, and last but not least, the speed of this product.

Yet there are other things that make this a great machine. For instance, it has a lifetime warranty on frame and motor and also on parts for 5 years. That makes it a huge plus and worth the price.


We also like this treadmill because it ranks #90 on Amazons Bestseller list of treadmills, which is great, considering the category is in. We also like the over 60% of 5 star rating of verified customers and only a 10% of 2 stars or lower ratings.

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When buying this treadmill, be confident that you are making a good investment for you and your family’s health. The LifeSpan 3000i treadmill as great for amateurs but also for experts in the field. There are so many features that make this an ideal in-home treadmill.

If you should have any questions or comments regarding this review, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please leave a comment and we will be back to you very soon.


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Wishing you good luck with your new treadmill,


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18 Comments Add yours
  1. Hey there,
    This article about Treadmill is very interesting as it addresses all the informative aspects one would need to know before purchasing one. I appreciate your honesty of not claiming crazy things about what it will do and you clearly separate between weight loss and the treadmill. The title is a bit confusing as I was expecting the opposite.
    I have knees issues so I think a stepper is more useful for me. But thanks again for the detailed information and all the details.

    1. Thanks Eli for your comment.  I do not like to sell on people, because I hate when people do that to me.  Giving honest reviews is very important to me because I appreciate honest reviews as well.  

      Thanks for stopping by,


  2. I’m actually looking for a new treadmill right now.
    Living in Florida, it gets hot outside and I need a good treadmill to exercise indoors.
    I like the fact that it’s foldable. That’s a plus. It’s perfect so I can exercise whenever I want to. I like the features it offers and the shock absorbers are important because I don’t want the impact affecting my body.
    Is this treadmill heavy and hard to assemble?

    1. Hi, this treadmill is easy to assemble.  However, you can get expert setup if you feel insecure about how to do it.  But the instructions and everything is clear so you cannot go wrong.  The treadmill, however, as every fitness equipment is heavy.  But with 2 extra hands you should be able to do you yourself.

      Hope this helps,


  3. Hello Oscar and thanks the for this wealth of information.

    I have been considering buying a treadmill because the winters where I live are too cold to get out and walk.

    I too work from home and put on extra weight sitting at my desk.

    What price range should I be in for a good quality treadmill without breaking the bank?

    1. Hi, thanks for stopping by and reading my article.  It is always great to have people come to my site and comment.  

      It all depends on how quickly you would be “broken”.  If you are looking for basic features, for beginners, and do not have a lot of money to spend, please take a look at Find The Best Rated Home Treadmill for Beginners Right Here!.

      But if you can spend a little more, the one that I mentioned in this article, is a good choice, but you will also spend more money, but you have more advanced features, which is good to have once you are more than a beginner at the treadmill.

      Hope this helps,


  4. This looks like a great treadmill! Have you tried any of the walking desks? I’ve been considering getting one so I get more movement in during my work day.

    1. Hi there, I have seen them, but have not tried them myself. I would consider it too if my work was from home every day. But since I work in a 8-5 setting, it is not a must for me. However, it would be great if I worked from home, then I could walk and work at the same time.

      Thanks for the tip,

  5. Hi Oscar,
    God info on treadmills. I like the ones that can fold up for space purposes. We have a basic teadmill that does the job, as I do like to get outside in the fesh air and walk. However, like you said, they are good if you dont have anywhere to execise.

    1. Definitely, space savers are the best options.  If you do not have another choice than to walk inside, a basic treadmill will do the trick.  However, if you cannot get out of the house frequently, I highly recommend one of our intermediate treadmills, which costs more, but has more great features so you can walk on it daily.

      Thanks for stopping by.  Wishing you success as you use walking as a way of being healthy.


    1. I am happy you found a good treadmill for your home. Please use it regularly and improve your healthy by doing so. Have you used it so far, and have you seen any changes? Would be interesting to hear about.

      As always, glad to help out and share what I learn and know.

      Wishing you much fun with your treadmill,

  6. This is a great looking treadmill. It is similar to the model my mom has from lifespan and she has had it for over 15 years. I love the LCD monitor and the fact you can sync it to apple health. It seems like it would great in keeping you motivated with how innovative it is and all of the programs. The ezfold feature is great, thanks for the great review!

    1. Thanks for sharing your mom’s experience with the LifeSpan. And yes, these treadmills are well-known for their durability and you stated that from experience. 15 years. That is a good time and definitely an investment worth making.

      Today, technology requires us to sync things, and it is a great feature on this treadmill. Who doesn’t want data on their phone and not having to make notes all the time? Everybody. So, yes a feature that is worth it.

      I especially like the EZfold. I should declutter my home, but there are so many things always standing around and especially with 2 small kids in a small house, there is not much room left for a treadmill. But health comes first, so you need to have one. There this EZfold comes in handy.

      Thanks for stopping by,

  7. Thanks for the informative post. Weight loss has never come easy and going to the gym is too much of a hassle for me. I am glad you are sharing this as I have been looking for ways to lose some weight and lead a healthy lifestyle exercising at home. Thanks for providing the pros and cons of the LifeSpan TR 3000i foldable treadmill, it helps me a lot in choosing the right treadmill for me. I might be buying this treadmill after all, based on your recommendations. Thanks again!

    1. That is absolutely right.  Going to the gym is not for me either.  I hope you can make the correct decision about the treadmill that you plan to buy for your health.


  8. After spending some time looking into exercise equipment that wouldn’t hammer my knees and still give a good amount of calorie burn, I purchased an Elliptical Machine. I used it for a few weeks and was very disappointed, despite the reviews and advice, my knees were battered.
    I am am definitely going to look at your treadmill and I appreciate the advice!
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Jeff,
      I totally understand what you mean. I have worked out on an elliptical machine as well and they are very hard on your knees, especially when you have weaker knees like I do. I gave up on the elliptical and chose a treadmill. I never have any problems with my knees when walking or running, but yes when biking, stair climbing, etc. So yes, the treadmill is a good option to replace the elliptical.

      Thanks for sharing your experience,

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