Can I Lose Weight By Walking On Treadmill?

Lose weight by walking on treadmillWhen I made up my mind to lose weight, at first I did not consider walking as part of my weight loss plan. And I had my reasons for it.

First of all, fitness is not my favorite thing to do at all; in fact, I strongly dislike doing any kind of exercise for the sake of losing weight, and even for the sake of being healthy. It might sound scary to you that I would not even do exercise for my health.

Please get me right: I exercise here and there and think one should do it because it is undeniably healthy. Even though I know I should be doing exercise, I just never get into the routine, although I have tried it multiple times. I just try to be physically active here and there.

For example, working in my organic garden is one of the few things I do where physical work is needed. And I really enjoy doing that.

Next, exercising was not on my weight loss plans because of the willpower it takes to lose weight and you do not need the added variable of more stress and willpower needed to exercise.

The first thing that I did was to cut out sugar and flour out of my meals and weigh all the food that I would eat during the day. I was also strict with the quantity of food that I would eat of each category. It worked wonders. I came down around 35 pounds in 3 months, which was an achievement for me. And I am still working on going down with my weight.

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With all that said, taking a walk is the activity that I can do and enjoy of all fitness workouts available, but I do not live in the right place to be able to do that on a daily basis. We lack good sidewalks and also the weather is not optimal. And since I have small kids, it is not always possible to get out of the house with them.

But what does that have to do with the question: Can I lose weight by walking on a treadmill?
After losing around 35 pounds, I finally considered making a small change in my diet plan. I ended up lending my parents’ treadmill that they never used and put it up in my bedroom to make something out of it.

It is only recently that I put the treadmill up and ready to use and I have been using it, although I have not seen significant success because of the short time I have been using it.

So, can I lose weight by Walking on a treadmill?

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If you follow the 4 steps outlined below, I can guarantee results in a short time.

1. Be Consistent

Among the worst things to do is to buy a treadmill and let it stand there as a hanger for your clothes. Your treadmill will not do the work for you.

What you need to do is to set a small attainable goal and be true to it. You can write on a paper, for example, I am going to walk on the treadmill for 20 minutes 4 times a week in the evening, walking at a speed of 4 miles per hour. The goal should be measurable.

That would be something anybody can do. However, if you prefer a slower pace or fewer minutes and more days. Go ahead. The important thing is to set a small goal and keep up with it.

New Year’s resolutions often fade within 3 weeks, but walking on a treadmill to lose weight should be your goal and you must keep it up if you want to see results.

Once you have done that for 4 weeks, go ahead and tweak your goal for the next 4 weeks by increasing speed, changing the time of day, length of you walk, increasing numbers of days per week, etc.

The important thing is to keep it up.

2. Don’t Worry About Weight Loss

If you are trying to lose weight by walking, do not expect results in the first 3 days. Do not look at the numbers on the scale, because you will be discouraged to continue. It takes a while until you will see a change, but change will come if you stick to what is outlined in this article.

Depending on the length of you “workout”, the difficulty and the number of times you do it weekly, you calories are burned.

But take this: Weight loss on the treadmill will not come if you do not cut down on your calorie intake. Do not expect to overeat, walk on the treadmill and lose weight.

In order for you to lose pounds, you need to burn more calories in a single day than you consume. Now, if you are one of those that are often at fast food restaurants, or if you constantly overeat, you must know that the more you eat the more you need to walk in order to lose weight.

However, eating the recommended 2,000 daily calories and walking 20 minutes a day if you have a sedentary lifestyle will definitely make a huge impact on your weight in a short time.

Nevertheless, eating 3,000 calories per day and walking only 20 minutes with a sedentary lifestyle will not work.

Your body stores excess calories that are consumed, and they are unfortunately stored as fat in most cases, but your body will burn those excess calories when you start to eat less than your body is using on a daily basis.

As stated above, the recommended intake is 2,000 calories per day, which is only an approximate since it varies from person to person because of lifestyle, body size, etc. When your body burns stored calories, that is when you start to lose weight.

To lose weight, you want to eat fewer calories so your body can use up the stored calories. By walking on the treadmill, your whole body works and uses up more energy, which means it is burning calories. One depends on the other, if you eat fewer calories during the day and then walk on the treadmill, you will see a significant change in no time. If you eat the same amount of food that you are used to, it could be that weight loss will come more slowly.

Again, take it one step at a time. Do not cut your food intake suddenly and your workout up. That is not realistic and you can most likely not stick to it. Doing it “cold turkey” is not recommended for walking on the treadmill.

Therefore, do not focus on weight at first, because cutting down your diet and increasing workout is something the body needs to get used to in the first place.

3. Change Your Meal Plans

One important thing that I have learned on my weight loss journey is that you need to change what you put into your stomach before a change will happen at all.

You need to cut out 100% some things that are standing in your way and will not let you lose weight.

And what is standing in your way? It could be fast foods, overeating, too many empty calories, sweets, sweetened drinks, and others.

First of all, eat low-calorie foods like raw vegetables and fruits. You can eat heaps of these and yet feel completely satisfied. And besides, they give you nutrients that no other food will provide.

Second, you should eat only calorie dense food that provides nutrients to your body like nuts, avocados, quinoa, and many others. Avoid the empty calories. Fast food meals commonly consist of many empty calories, calories that will not help the body to function correctly. For example, burgers, burritos, fries, and everything you find on the menu of fast food chains, like McDonald’s, Burger King, Chipotle, Jack in the Box, etc.

This is not to say that everything these restaurant chains have to offer is the worst for you. I understand that you are often short on time. But avoid going to fast foods restaurants as much as possible. Once a month with a fast food meal will be more than enough, because most of these meals, including drink, fries, and burger are around 1,000 calories, which is too much considering that it is only 1 meal out of the 3-5 meals that you eat every day.

If you eat 1,000 calories in one meal alone, you do not have much left to eat for the day, plus these meals are mostly empty calories since they do not provide your body with nutrients and calories that can be used to function properly.

Among these dense calorie foods is also sugar and flour. Cut down on all sugars and flours and your weight will go down dramatically. Walking on the treadmill and leaving out sugar and flour will make a significant difference in only 10 days.

I lost 15 pounds in 10 days by only cutting out sugar and flour and reducing my calorie intake drastically. I did not walk nor exercise during these 10 days. If I had done that, the result would be even better.


You can lose weight by walking on the treadmill. If you live in a safe place where you can walk on the outside and enjoy nature, it is much better than staring at a wall in front of you. But if you cannot walk outside because of weather conditions or because of your neighborhood, or because your kids need you at home, a treadmill is the best option and rest assured that you will be able to lose weight if you follow these 3 simple steps.

I highly recommend that you watch your favorite series on Netflix while walking on the treadmill. It helps you get distracted and not stare unnecessarily at the seconds as they progress very slowly.


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Did you enjoy this article? Did this information help you? Have you learned something new? If so, please share with your family and friends. Walking on the treadmill to lose weight is not only important, but it is also very healthy and anybody struggling to lose weight can benefit from it.

If you have any questions or comments, please don’t forget to post them below and I will be back to you.

Have a great one,


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