Can I Lose Weight By Walking On Treadmill?

Lose weight by walking on treadmill

When I made up my mind to lose weight, at first I did not consider walking as part of my weight loss plan. And I had my reasons for it.

First of all, fitness is not my favorite thing to do at all; in fact, I strongly dislike doing any kind of exercise for the sake of losing weight, and even for the sake of being healthy. It might sound scary to you that I would not even do exercise for my health.

Please get me right: I exercise here and there and think one should do it because it is undeniably healthy. Even though I know I should be doing exercise, I just never get into the routine, although I have tried it multiple times. I just try to be physically active here and there. [...]  Read more...

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How Can You Lose Weight By Walking? Here is the answer.

Can you lose weight by walking

When people are leading a passive lifestyle, sitting a lot on the computer in their offices, they tend to get overweight over time and everybody tells them that they need to get physically active or start to walk in order to shed those accumulated pounds.

However, these people then ask: How can you lose weight by walking? How should I do it, or where can I do it, or how often should I walk, and how long does it take to see results?

I remember vividly the times my dad told me that I needed to start moving because I would be severely obese in no time.  Good thing, it did not happen, neither of both.  Not until later did I start to workout. [...]  Read more...

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Best Treadmill For Weight Loss

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Have you been looking for something to help you to lose weight? Have you tried to lose weight by changing your lifestyle and you have lost weight, but you are fighting the last few pounds to finally get into your right sized body and get all those clothes fitting? Here is the best treadmill for weight loss to aid you in losing those extra pounds. And you can do it from the comfort of your home.

While I do not recommend exercising while losing weight, as you can read in this post, in order to become a healthy person and feel well emotionally and physically, you definitely need to take advantage of products that help you to get into your right sized body. [...]  Read more...

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Find The Best Rated Home Treadmill for Beginners Right Here!

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If you are not a pro in fitness, just like me, and you are looking for something that you can do in order to get healthier or even tackle your weight loss, buying the best rated home treadmill is the best thing to start with. Who cannot walk for his health? If you are here, you are most likely in the position to walk even if it is only 15 minutes a day.

In order to lose fat, there is no need for running or doing a difficult fitness program, simply walking or jogging will do.

But how do you do it when you have small kids in your house and you cannot leave them alone, live in an unsafe neighborhood, the weather is simply not in your favor? [...]  Read more...

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Exercise And Weight Loss. Why I Don’t Exercise While Losing Weight.

Have you ever wondered if exercise and weight loss go hand in hand, that is, if you exercise you will lose weight and if you do not exercise you will not lose weight? You are about to find that out in this article.

The answer to the above question seems very easy at first. Definitely, you will lose weight when you exercise your body. But you know what? You can also lose weight without exercises.

Ever since I wanted to lose weight, quite a few years ago already, I was always told that I would not be able to lose weight successfully, if I was not doing any kind of exercise. That was a tough one for me because of I am not a fan of exercise. Whenever I have been doing exercise, I drag myself each time to it and am happy when I am done. [...]  Read more...

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