Best Natural Vitamin C Supplement You Can Find

Best Natural Vitamin C Supplement

I have tried different vitamin C supplements over the course of years and I always come back to the conclusion that the best natural vitamin C supplement you can find is the Raw Vitamin C from Garden of Life. I have been taking these supplements regularly for 2+ years and have had success with them. They are usually in my cupboard, and I take a few of them daily, and more than just a few when sickness is underway.

Vitamin C is a vitamin that our body needs protect our body from free radicals that can cause problems in our body if not trapped and flushed away in time. Vitamin C is also there to strengthen our immune system so it can fight off invaders in our body. [...]  Read more...

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Best Treadmill For Weight Loss

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Have you been looking for something to help you to lose weight? Have you tried to lose weight by changing your lifestyle and you have lost weight, but you are fighting the last few pounds to finally get into your right sized body and get all those clothes fitting? Here is the best treadmill for weight loss to aid you in losing those extra pounds. And you can do it from the comfort of your home.

While I do not recommend exercising while losing weight, as you can read in this post, in order to become a healthy person and feel well emotionally and physically, you definitely need to take advantage of products that help you to get into your right sized body. [...]  Read more...

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The Best Rated Smart Scale

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When trying to lose weight, one thing you will definitely need to buy is a smart scale. You are about to learn about our pick, the best rated smart scale, Yunmai Premium Smart Scale.

Why would you need to buy a smart scale? In order to track your success, you will need it to show you facts about your weight loss, like body fat, water, lean muscle and other components.                           

In the past decade, the scale industry has evolved dramatically. Until then, a scale would just give you your total weight. But this scale revolution brought new things to us so we could understand our health better. [...]  Read more...

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Find The Best Rated Home Treadmill for Beginners Right Here!

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If you are not a pro in fitness, just like me, and you are looking for something that you can do in order to get healthier or even tackle your weight loss, buying the best rated home treadmill is the best thing to start with. Who cannot walk for his health? If you are here, you are most likely in the position to walk even if it is only 15 minutes a day.

In order to lose fat, there is no need for running or doing a difficult fitness program, simply walking or jogging will do.

But how do you do it when you have small kids in your house and you cannot leave them alone, live in an unsafe neighborhood, the weather is simply not in your favor? [...]  Read more...

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5 Top Rated Bathroom Scales. A Must Have To Track Your Weight Loss.

​​When you are trying to lose weight as I am, you will mostly likely be looking for a bathroom scale that you can use to get reliable results every time you step onto it.

If you are looking for a simple scale that gives you only the number of your total weight, you will find the answer in our picks of the 5 top rated bathroom scales.

There are bathroom scales that have great features like measuring your BMI, connect via Bluetooth and many more components.  They are more expensive than our picks of simple but useful bathroom scales that do the job: Giving you a number which you are trying to take down. [...]  Read more...

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