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If you are not a pro in fitness, just like me, and you are looking for something that you can do in order to get healthier or even tackle your weight loss, buying the best rated home treadmill is the best thing to start with. Who cannot walk for his health? If you are here, you are most likely in the position to walk even if it is only 15 minutes a day.

In order to lose fat, there is no need for running or doing a difficult fitness program, simply walking or jogging will do.

But how do you do it when you have small kids in your house and you cannot leave them alone, live in an unsafe neighborhood, the weather is simply not in your favor?

Very simple, BUY the Weslo Cadence G 5.9, the best rated home treadmill, a bestseller for some time already.

Best Rated Home Treadmill: The Weslo Cadence G 5.9

You cannot go wrong when buying this treadmill that was especially designed with you and me in mind. It was created for beginners and has the features that you need to workout at home, be it for pleasure, for weight loss, for overall improvement of your health or the increase of performance. It is ideal for walking, running or jogging.

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Space Saver

In my case, the space-saving feature in a treadmill is among the crucial ones when deciding to buy one. Why? Most of us live in rather small homes and they are usually full of other stuff and it is difficult to think of putting in another item that takes quite a lot of space, which you might not dispose of. Having small children around makes it even more difficult because of all the baby stuff that clutter during the childhood years.

Good news, the Weslo Cadence G 5.9 has the space-saving feature. You can fold it right away once you are done with your workout. (Refer to the image on the right). It is not a hassle and can easily be done by yourself.

This machine is not bulky as many machines on the market. You can easily assemble it and also move it around the house easily, which is a wonderful feature in small homes, where workout matters more than a fancy, bulky machine.

Heart Monitor

If you look around for the best rated home treadmill, you would call yourself lucky, if you would find a machine that monitors your heart rate for the price of this one.  Check out the price here

This treadmill is well-known for showing an accurate heart rate when putting your thumb right on the sensor that is built into the console.

When doing workout, heart rate is always an interesting number to take into account to monitor how you are doing while working and to improve your fitness level. If you heartbeat is too fast and you are not used to working out, you need to take it a little slower, but if your heart rate does not increase well after working out for a few minutes, your performance is pretty good and you can take it to the next intensity level.

Personal Trainer Workouts

This feature of the personal trainer is the perfect option for anybody who is new to working out or even just walking. This machine has 6 personal trainer workouts prepared with your best health in mind. You set it to the desired program and the machine will increase in speed and intensity as you go through the program. It slows down at some moments, and speeds up at other moments, inclines for a more intense workout, etc.

Imagine having your own personal trainer in your house telling you exactly what to do, and you choose how long you want to work. Is not that awesome? In this case, the only thing you need to do is buy this machine and with it comes your personal trainer.

Position Incline

This best rated home treadmill, the Weslo Cadence G 5.9 has the 2 position incline, which lets you increase the intensity of your workout.

I remember vividly the first time I climbed onto a treadmill that had this option, I believed that I would not get tired. Oh, how wrong was I. Even a 15 degree incline can get you really tired. So if you have been doing workout for some time, this feature will be for you. And if you are a newbie or not a person that is used to doing too much fitness, this will not be the first thing you will be using, but definitely on the long run it will come in handy as you improve your performance.

Comfortable Cushion

The cushion that you will be walking on when doing your workout is one a comfortable one that absorbs the impact of your steps.

If you have run on pavement, you will remember how your knees sometimes hurt after running, or even just walking through Disneyland or SeaWorld on some day. Well, the impact on pavement is not the best – you need really good shoes in order to protect your knees.

This machine got you covered: The layer of cushion on the deck will really absorb the impact and avoid unnecessary stress on your knees and even ankles.

Screen That Shares Immediate Results

As you work on this treadmill, it will keep track of your speed, time, distance and calories, and display them on a blue-tinted LCD, so you can monitor progress you are making.

Although this is not my favorite feature because it kind of freaks me out to see the numbers and not having them go up as quickly as I like, but they are useful for you to write down your progress at the end of each day and mark your calendar with important information. Helps you stay on track and encourages to break your own records.

Consider putting it in front of the TV and watch you favorite Season or Series and in no time 20 minutes of walking, jogging, running, or programmed workout are over and you are done for the day. Helps you not to focus too much on the numbers on the LCD.

All in all, a great and needed feature to succeed.

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What Are The Cons For This Treadmill?

Every item, even the best rated home treadmill has some things that could be improved by the manufacturer. The Weslo Cadence G 5.9 is no exception. Here are few things that could be improved.


This machine is an excellent option considering the price. However, when you unpack it, please do not be discouraged if you see a machine that has some
materials that seem cheap. Yes, you can find them on this machine. However, it is sturdy and serves its purpose really well: Workout. Yes, this machine is not one of the huge bulky ones that you imagine from the gym that you last went. Nope, it has enough space to run, walk and jog on it. So do not discard this as an option if the features above were for you.


The one thing that this machine is not good at is for the gym. You heard me right. This is for home use. In the gym you will usually find running “nuts” and this machine is not for you if you are one of those people. This is ideal for entry or intermediate levels of performance. Excellent for woman, men, teenagers, or kids that do not have a long stride. If you take large steps when running because you are
running high speed, this is not ideal for you.

However, if you are a newbie at running and just made the New Years resolution to change your habits, you cannot go wrong with this machine.

Weight capacity

The one thing that I strongly dislike about the Weslo Cadence G 5.9 is the weight capacity. It is marked for 275 lbs. I doubt if there was a problem if your weight 10-20 pounds more than that, but this is something that you should be looking at if your weight is too far beyond this number.

However, if you is only somewhat over 275 lbs, you can rest assured that you will lose weight if you tackle your eating habits first and then continue to workout at least 3 times a week, and ideally 5 times per week. Even if you work out 15-20 minutes day, you will be under that number in no time.

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And there you are, here is the review for the best rated home treadmill which ranks #575 on the bestseller list. And take my word on this, you will not find a cheaper machine on the market with these features.  Also, the thousands of reviews for this best home rated treadmill assure you of a good choice.

If you have any questions, please do not forget to post them below and I will be back to you.


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  1. Hello there! My mom is asking me to buy her a treadmill. She wants to lose weight and she’s asking me for a treadmill. I read your article about Weslo Cadence G 5.9 and I think this is a great treadmill especially for its price and space saver and features. This is a great treadmill for my mom. Thank you for sharing this information.

    1. The Weslo Cadence G 5.9 is definitely a good choice if you are looking for something with basic features, cheap price, for beginners, this is an excellent choice.  However, if you can spend more in order to have more features, please consider this one here: Best Treadmill For Weight Loss.  That is our pick of a intermediate treamill.  

      Hope this helps you,


  2. At this price point it seems like an excellent value. I notice that the star rating on amazon is below 4, but most people leaving bad reviews here seem to want the quality of $1000+ treadmills.

    This treadmill is pretty basic with advanced features, however. It is for those who want a beginner/immediate person who wants to shed some weight. It is not for Olympic athletes; some people just don’t appreciate that!

    Thanks again.

    1. Hi, that is exactly the point I was trying to convey when writing this post.  People that argue about how bad this or other treadmills in this category are, are comparing them to one in a different category.  You can simply not do that.  This is a great choice for beginners or intermediate.  If you can spend $2,000 on a treadmill, go for it, but most of us cannot afford it and definitely need to look for treadmills like this one.

      Thanks for sharing you point of view on this product.


  3. Hi Oscar,

    Perfect timing to have caught your review. A couple of days ago, my teenage daughter has asked me to consider buying a treadmill. She is not athletic but wanting to be more active and our neighbourhood is not conducive to venture out for a walk or jog.

    With the information you’ve provided for this treadmill, it may be an ideal unit to get. The personal trainer workouts and position incline functions are definitely good to have. Space-saving definitely must. Hhmm… will give it much thought.

    Thank you,

    1. I am so glad you found this product review helpful in making a decision.  This treadmill will do for being more active.  You do not need to go the expensive way and buy one of those, although they have awesome features.  Check out this one – It might be of your interest as well.  

      I am happy your daughter is looking to ditch the passive lifestyle and get herself a little more active.

      Appreciate your feedback and comments,


  4. How durable is this treadmill in relation to how much it costs? I would like to buy one that is not in the high 1000’s but I also want some decent durability in that it will last a few years. Is this treadmill good for that or do I need to look into another brand? If so what do you recommend?

    1. Hi Jessie,

      that is a wonderful question you ask.  In terms of durability, this treadmill is for beginners and intermediate fitness.  Therefore, do not expect to compare this product to one that costs a thousand dollars.  If you want to walk and maybe slighly jog on this treadmill, this is an excellent option, also because of the price.  If you are looking for something to walk on for 30 minutes 3 to 4 times a week, this is your best option.  However, if you love to run fast speed on it, it simply will not work, because of the size of the treadmill and also durability.  

      Hope this helps,


  5. I’ve an orbit trac but it does require a lot of space. I’m thinking of switching to tread mill. This Welso one will be a nice bet. What I like the most is that it has the space-saving feature. When asked about my friends’ opinions, they advise me to consider electric treadmill. I’d like to hear your take on it, Should I go with electric treadmill or manual one?

    1. Hi and thanks for asking a great question.  Personally, I go for the electric treadmill as well.  Consider that it has many more features than the manual one.  The electric treadmill will give you the speed, which on the manual one is not the case, you can easily decrease your speed by getting tired without noticing it.  Also, every time you workout, your speed will be dependant on how you feel physically.  If you are a beginner, you would want to go for the electric one, because you can track your success better and also how you are getting better at running.  However, if you are used to running and doing workout, the manual one is fine.  

      Hope this gives you an idea.  Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a question.


  6. I’m definitely choosing a space-saving treadmill. I do not own a huge house but I have a lot of clutter (I should probably get onto that asap), however, I need something simple and effective. I do not need a big treadmill but rather one that’s inexpensive and gets the job done. The Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill seems like a viable option, and the price is right too! Thanks.

    1. Yes, as stated in the review, if you are looking for something for a beginner or intermediate, this is your machine. It is inexpensive, durable, has great features as you would probably not find in other machines, yet it does what it was made for.

      Wish you success as you go the treadmill way,

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