Is This Just Another One Of Those Success Stories Of Weight Loss?

I am sure the title of this post makes you think this is just another one of those not true success stories of weight loss or you might wish this story could be yours. Your thoughts may be the same as they are for me every time I see one of those posts. Let me tell you this: It is not just another one, it is a unique one because everybody is unique in its own way!

I am here to document my story because I am on a journey: losing excess weight sustainably and starting to live a healthy lifestyle. I am really tired from losing weight, then go back to where I was and gain some extra pounds on top of that. I am also tired of feeling exhausted every day for no apparent reason, but knowing deep inside that it is not because of sleep deprivation but mostly about the food that I eat.

If you are struggling as well with those extra pounds, follow my story and hop onto the train. We got this!

What about my weight?

I remember when I was only around 10 years old, I was on a trip to Canada with my family. I remember vividly one discussion I had with my older brother while traveling. He had gained some extra pounds (it sounds silly that a 10-year old would talk about gaining extra pounds, …but we did) and I was making fun of his belly. And he said something that became so true for the next 20 years of my life. He said something like this: “You just continue to make fun of me – at the rate that you eat – you will soon have a much bigger belly than I have”. Of course, at that moment his words were funny to me.

But sure enough, it didn’t take a year and I was rapidly gaining weight. And as I grew up, weight grew with me. I was only 15 when I was around 20-30 pounds overweight. When I became an adult, I continued to carry those extra pounds around and gained quite some more weight over time.

Ever since I was 16 or maybe 17, this game of losing weight, going back to what I weighed, plus a few extra pounds was my whole weight story. I am now in my early thirties and this game seems to continue.

By now, you will want to know specifics about my weight. I am 6 feet and 5 inches tall, and I currently weigh 266 pounds.

What has brought me to this game of weight loss and weight gain?

First of all, I love food! And I love to eat! I lose weight quite fast, but I also gain weight pretty easy. The main issue that I have is that I make up my mind to lose weight, but when I lose 5-10 pounds, I have myself a feast because I “deserve” something for working so hard. You get it, little to no willpower. And off I go with that extra dessert plate, or that extra portion of bread or that sugar-loaded drink, and I immediately fall back and lose track of my success. For me, it seems like it is never long term. Does that resonate with you?

I remember the first time I started a diet. Somewhere in the newspaper was a recipe for a 7-day weight loss plan and it promised results between 5-11 pounds in 7 days. And sure enough, I found some friends willing to do it with me. Amazingly, I lost around 10 pounds back then. I was so happy about it. But it didn’t take me more than 4 weeks to get it back.

I did more of those plans, but what bugged me about these programs was the fact that it was not sustainable weight loss. Everybody prepares delicious food. I am not a picky eater at all and that makes it worse for me. Wherever I go, whatever restaurant, and whatever friends or family I go, they always have good food, and I seem to not have the willpower to withstand the “temptation” and eat.

…a few more facts about my weight loss

If I calculate my ideal weight, it says that I should roughly weigh 189 pounds, which are 77 pounds of excess weight. I know that my ideal weight could be a bit higher since my body frame is quite robust. But let’s take that number for now. Yikes, to get a right-sized body, I need to lose quite a few pounds yet. According to my nutritionist, I am slightly obese. When I first heard that, I gave me a pat on my shoulder. I thought it was so great that I was not obese and continued with the same game: Up and down. But I learned something over time, it does not matter in what category you fall, whether slightly, moderately or highly obese, the point is to find a solution to those extra pounds.

It is now a little over 3 years ago that I first saw a nutritionist. My wife was pregnant at that time and she decided she did not want to gain too much weight during that time, but also that she wanted to eat healthily.

That is when we both decided that it could be worth seeing a nutritionist, plus we had good references, so off we were. (Let me just make this clear, my wife is not dealing with her weight. She has had her ideal weight her whole lifetime).

But back during the time with the nutritionist, we both made a commitment, and we stuck to it for quite some time. I lost around 20 pounds during that time, and I was very happy with that. (And if you are interested – My wife only gained around 20 pounds in her pregnancy and had a just over 9-pound baby). But besides the weight loss, the time there really taught me some valuable lessons about healthy eating.

Read the story here. 

Lots of things changed in my eating lifestyle after that, which helped me greatly to improve my energy levels. But I did not stick to some things and I gained again.

Not long ago, I learned about Bright Line Eating: The Science of Living Happy, Thin & Free. I started to watch a series of YouTube videos from Susan Peirce Thompson about sustainable weight loss and about food addiction. I made up my mind and started on a 14-day challenge. Many of the things that the program offers just reminded me of my eating habits from 3 years ago.

And I made another commitment. I want to lose my excess weight and stop bouncing up and down. I was exactly 287 pounds when I came across the program, which means that I am already 21 pounds down, and I am very, very happy the way I feel physically, and mentally. Somehow this makes me think that I have finally found the long-sought solution to my problem.

But That Is Not All

Not only have I made an improvement with my weight, but I also strongly feel the need to be healthier by tweaking things in my lifestyle.  Having a more passive job, I do not get the so much needed fitness that helps to improve lifestyle.  Also, it is not just about cutting sugar and flour out of the diet, according to Susan Peirce Thompson, but to change your whole mindset about food and radically improve things that I eat.

If you are interested to read it yourself from Susan Peirce Thompson, click here.

As I continue to journey on with my weight problem and my unhealthy lifestyle, I want to share my successes and failures with you, which helps me to stay focused and committed! On the other hand, I want to hear from you and your story. Ultimately, together we can achieve more than if we do it alone, plus it is more exciting. Sharing my story makes me accountable and helps me focus on my commitment.

So please stay tuned for updates. I will be posting what I am experiencing along the way and things I learn.


Have a good one,

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  1. Very encouraging story for many people, I assume. I have tried different diets during my file, but as a result, I always got back to my initial weight. Your story sounds very sincere and convincing. You are addressing a problem with is common for many people including myself. Thank you for sharing your story. I feel like making another attempt.

    1. Hi Nadja, thanks so much for stopping by! I really appreciate your comments, and am so happy that you felt encouraged to make another attempt. Please stay tuned for updates and tips on how to do this. I have been successful so far, and I am really working hard to lose the other at least 60 pounds that I have to shed. Lets see how long it will take, but I have set my mind on it and I know I will reach what I have made my mind up for.

      Best luck with your endeavors,

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