Learn About One Of The Best Natural Ways To Lose Weight fast

There is one thing that I have always been scared of when talking about losing weight successfully: Medicine and pills. If you go to any pharmacy or drugstore, and even in convenience stores, you will likely find that there are countless products on the shelf that tell you how to lose weight by just taking one pill every day.

When I was still in high school, I remember one of my classmates coming in with a new diet. I do not exactly remember what it was, but she had something put on her ears, which would supposedly help her lose weight. She ate whatever she wanted if I recall that correctly.

That situation still sticks in my head, because I was also trying to lose weight at that time, and was tempted to try that. Doesn’t it sound too good to be true? Eat what you want and still lose weight? And sure enough, she did not lose the weight she wanted to lose.

There are countless stories that are alike; people trying to lose weight with a super product unsuccessfully.

I have been skeptical about all these products, and I do not like to take all kinds of unknown products, because you really don’t know what chemicals are in the product, although I believe there are some great diets out there which assist and help you lose those extra pounds.  I highly recommend to never give in to those offers because they are not good.

So, today I am going to talk about one of the many natural ways to lose weight fast, which I have experienced.  After trying to lose weight many times and I always bounced back after a short time of trying it.  This last round of dieting that I have started back in September 2017 has proven to be very different.  I have not regained weight, even though I did not stick with my diet the whole time, nor did I rigorously follow the guidelines.

Let me describe first what I have been doing:

  1. I am not eating any sugar nor flour – (I guessed what you just thought… no bread, no desserts, no juices, no… – You are right. Continue to read and find out how that is possible.
  2. I am eating between 3-5 times per day. (Nope, I am not starving).
  3. There are lots and lots of vegetables (commonly fresh) in my diet.
  4. There is also lots of fruit on my menu.
  5. There is also protein in my daily meal plan.
  6. I eat a certain amount of healthy fats.
  7. And the good thing is that there is no exercise.

Let me go a little into detail of how that works and what results I have had from it and what benefits I have seen.

1) Why is there no sugar and flour on my meal plan?

Only recently did I find out about food addictions and I have come to the conclusion that sugar and flour can be highly addictive. Read from Susan Peirce Thompson (a neuro-scientist) about the effects of sugar and flour on the brain cells. In her studies she found that the same brain cells that are activated by drugs are activated by sugar and flour.  Listen to her below.

Can you imagine? When sugar comes into our bodies, our taste buds indicate that something is coming that way again and up comes insulin. When I heard about that, it really made sense to me that sugar is just NOT my food.

Researchers also know that food addiction affects people in different ways. Depending on how susceptible you are, sugar and flour can be a real problem to you (in a way that you will crave sweets more than other people, and possibly eat more, and gain more weight). Personally, I am not very high on the susceptibility scale: however, sugar and flour has made me gain all that excess weight, since I grew up eating all that stuff on a daily basis, and regularly 3-5 times a day.

If you crave sweets a lot, I highly recommend you to cut it out 100% of your meal plans for at least 21 days. And the results will befantastic.

The first time I heard about having no sugar and flour at all, I thought: That is NOT POSSIBLE. I could not imagine a life without it. Imagine a Thanksgiving dinner without pumpkin pie, nor turkey stuffing. Birthday parties without cake?  Incomplete meal!

And why did I try it? I will jump off topic for a bit now to explain that to you. My wife has been dealing with anxiety and depression for years and we had come to the conclusion, some time ago (after trying to find a solution unsuccessfully with a renowned psychiatrist and lots of research done online), that she has a few problems, and among those there are food related issues and not “self-inflicted”. We made a commitment to give a diet few of sugar and flour a try.

Honestly, after you deal with a serious problem for a long time, you are willing to give up anything in order to help. I decided to motivate her in her diet by doing it myself too. I had been trying to lose weight anyway for a long time, but little did I know how fast I would lose weight.

After around 10 days, my leptin kicked in (read about leptin and ghrelin in another article) and it started to tell me when I was full and did not need more food. And now, after going at least 99% sugar and flour free for around quite some time, I do not crave sweets anymore like I did. You would have found me literally everyday eating bread, bread sticks, pizza, noodles, and not to mention all those sweets. That was my daily food.

Now, I have been leaving that out, knowing about the harm it does to my health and especially to my wife’s health. I have even been invited and been to restaurants and it has not “called my attention”. I order protein, and of course a salad without croutons and dressings.

At my job we commonly eat lunch together and my colleagues have not been able to understand how I can resist a sandwich, a lasagna, a pizza slice, a burger. I have experienced what one of my colleagues (she is going sugar free for well over 4 months because of a medical condition) stated on one of these days. She says that sweets have such a strong smell that you could not eat it anymore.

That has been true for me. It doesn’t mean that I could never eat a piece of cake again, but I have come to the point where I understand that it is nothing for me, and even if I just taste the smallest piece, I have stuck to this: Don’t eat that stuff – it is not for you.

Something noticeable after I have gone sugar and flour free is my energy levels have boosted. I have high energy levels during the day, and that continues well into the evening, and sometimes well into the night. That is a plus – gives me more quality time with my family and friends. I am not as exhausted after a long workday as I used to be.

Definitely worth a try for you, if you have some struggles that I mentioned.

2) How about eating 3-5 times a day?

Research findings vary on the number of meals we should have each day. Some say there is no significant difference, so they chose 3 times in order for them to not overeat every meal; others suggest that your metabolism will speed up if you eat multiple times every day and only small portions.

I do not plan to elaborate on that in this post since I have not found a relevant difference to do it one or the other way, but I like to eat 5 times a day better. I like 3 smaller meals with 2 snacks in between.

And the big question is:  Do I starve if there is no sugar or flour on my plan because I literally live off of vegetables and fruits. The answer is very clearly: I do not go hungry during the day. I have no problem with my meal plan. I feel satisfied after every meal and snack, and it stays that way. I even had to remind myself a few days that it was time to eat. Totally forgot. People have different cravings and lifestyles, and it might not be that easy for you, but you should definitely try it.

3) Vegetables…?

I know that it can be tough at first to eat that in large amounts, especially if you are not used to it! I have been there, but it is worth it! And honestly, they are not the yummiest food, but if you think about the health benefits, you can change your mindset and eat them for that sake.

Also, what is really important, is that you prepare your vegetables in a way that you like to eat them, and also the ones that you prefer to eat. There is no sense in overeating spinach, if you prefer broccoli. Also, if you cannot eat your vegetables without any added dressings, you can make your own unsweetened dressings at home.  However, once you get off of sugar and flour, vegetables without dressing will taste better than you could have ever thought.

Changing the mindset about vegetables and fruit is one of the first most important steps in order to take control over your weight.

Read more on this topic in a previous post.

4) …and fruit.

Yes, fruit is definitely sweet! And its easier for anybody to eat fruit than vegetables, and you should eat fruit. I love to eat fruit as a snack.

Since fruit is not a “heavy” meal, our stomach loves to have fruit before a meal or as a snack, because it is easily digested. If you eat fruit after the meal, it takes longer before it is the fruits’ turn to be digested and it stays quite long in your stomach.  That causes fermentation and often causes these awful “stomach burns”, hence fruit as a snack.

Fruit has natural sugars that are not so bad for your insulin levels and blood sugar.  It does not kick the numbers as high as added sugars, like table sugar.

5) And here we come to the “yummy” part: Proteins.

I love proteins, either animal or plant based. Beans, eggs, dairy products, and meat are my absolute favorites. You need protein for your muscles, as I was taught when I was a kid. We all know that this is not the only reason why. However, you will need a certain protein source, whether vegan, vegetarian or meat lover. They will give that last boost of energy and strength after your veggies and fruits.

There you are! A list of the completely natural ways to lose weight fast. But be aware: There are factors that can block weight loss even if sugar and flour is cut out of your diet. However, you can work a little on that and try what works best for you.

There are more ways to lose weight naturally, so feel free to share your experience. I am always happy to hear from you and work on this together. Your goal as well as mine is likely the same: Lose weight and keep it off.

Have a good one,


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12 Comments Add yours
  1. Gees Oscar, I salute you for being able to ditch the sugar. You have rolled a monster of a rock out of the road to weight loss. Do you think you will be able to sustain this forever ie never again will you eat sugar !!?
    Don’t our bodies actually need a little refined sugar. It is extremely addictive, I agree, BUT if one can have strong control, the intake can be controlled. I’m losing weight. Have gone the 1kg a week route. Allow myself two small blocks of delicious black chocolate every day.
    Your article has given us all a lot to think about. Thank you. Eat stacks of salad with meals, nuts, seeds and sprouts, and you could live forever ! 🙂

    1. Hi Roy, thanks for sharing your insights. I am not sure if I will be able to keep 100% off of sugar. If you take the Susceptibility Quiz (search in Google), you will find out if you need to go without sugar your lifetime or if you can afford eating sugar. It all depends on how susceptible you are for this food addiction. I am only 2 from a scale 1-10, which means, I can eat sugar and flour on small quantities without going back to gain weight. It is very interesting to learn about how susceptible you are.

      Please stay tuned for more great articles.

      Have a great weight-loss journey,

  2. Wow, Oscar, you went through a lot and I really appreciate it you share this with us. It’s all about adopting a new and healthier life style. Indeed those “miracle pills” etc. don’t work. It’s attempting though, but it makes no sense. Personally I love veggies and fruit a lot and some light proteins. And don’t forget about the omega fat oils, you need them and when used in a moderate way, they won’t gain you any weight. I wish you well on your journey and I really look forward to reading more. Have a nice day!

    1. Thanks Anja for sharing your insights. You are so right, I forgot the fats in my article. I will add them to the list. The marketing campaigns of these “miracle-pills” are to effective that they get many people into it. Ever since I was even only 14 years old, I did not believe in them and never tried out a single of those products, just because they cannot be healthy, and it is so obvious, that even if you should lose weight, you will have it back after stopping to use it, because of the effect they have on our hormones. Thanks, Anja. Stay tuned for new articles.

  3. Great article! I agree with you on eating five times a day. I feel it is better for the metabolism. I recently when through a cutting phase where I had to cut back on the calories I was consuming. It was tough to eat salads at first but now I love them. I also love to eat fruit as a snack.

    1. Wonderful, Chaddrick! I agree that you have to get used to eat salads and fruit. If you have not been doing it regularly in your lifetime, you need some time to adjust, yet it is something that is possible. I love my salads as well, even to the point where I can eat bunches of raw spinach because it tastes so good. Incredible. And how are you doing with you weight loss? I understand that you cut calories because of weight loss, or due to a different condition? All the best, Oscar

  4. Hello Oscar!
    What a fantastic and thorough article. It was so informative.Great job!
    I am a firm believer in we are what we eat. I have cured myself of autoimmune dis-ease with food. Somehow I understood that at the cellular level food is the cure. So I am totally vegan, no dairy, no sugar, no wheat. And have been for over 20 years. I love my food. It has given me back life.
    I hope you and your wife are just thriving these days? Thanks for writing this! It always gives me hope that we will all understand our choice of health is totally within our choices..yes?
    In peace and gratitude, ariel

    1. Hi Ariel, I love hearing about people who have been successful over time with what I am just learning and trying. We are doing better already. My wife is still battling with her anxiety, but I think it will come over time, and cannot be cured in only 8 weeks completely. I think you need at least 16-20 weeks, but that is a guess. And yes, we definitely are what we eat. I am really interested in learning about going vegan. Not so sure yet if I am the one to do it, but I can imagine giving it a try. However, I understand that if you battle with a disease, you are willing to give up anything that hinders you from becoming better. And that is what we are currently going through. Thanks again!

  5. Simple sugars such as biscuits, pasta, and bread can be so addictive. Education on the negatives of simple sugars is important because it’s often not something many people think about when it comes to certain conditions like depression and anxiety just to name two health issues. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Yes, its only recently that I am learning about the negative impacts sugar makes on us! And I am convinced that it is nothing for me – or nothing for me to intake on a daily basis. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  6. Would you recommend that I eat protein first thing in the morning? I heard that it can really help curb the appetite for a good part of the day. Also, what would be a good alternative to sugar for my coffee?

    1. Hi Nadia, thanks for sharing your thoughts on my article. I eat protein first thing in the morning as well. Eggs, yogurt, beans… They are my favorites for the morning. And yes, they help me through the day. However, I do eat a snack in between lunch, so it is not that hard to go like that. As for an alternative for you coffee, I am not so sure. I do not drink coffee (I just love the smell of it:-)). But let me put an example. I use to make my own fruit juices and years ago I used to put in sugar with it, and now, after time, I never put sugar into them anymore – just simply not needed. Just a thought – could you get used to coffee without sweetener? Most likely. Good luck!

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