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When trying to lose weight, one thing you will definitely need to buy is a smart scale. You are about to learn about our pick, the best rated smart scale, Yunmai Premium Smart Scale.

Why would you need to buy a smart scale? In order to track your success, you will need it to show you facts about your weight loss, like body fat, water, lean muscle and other components.                           

In the past decade, the scale industry has evolved dramatically. Until then, a scale would just give you your total weight. But this scale revolution brought new things to us so we could understand our health better.

When I went to the nutritionist, he told me jokingly that he would have to cut off my right arm if I wanted to weigh my suggested weight, because I have “well-built” bone frame. That means, it is not possible for me to get a healthy weight if I go by the numbers the doctors want to see on the scale.

That is where smart scales, the new revolution, come in handy. These scales have evolved to complex devices in the last decade: they track all kinds of things about your health. When you step, barefooted, onto these scales, a common technology for smart scales, the BIA (Bioelectric Impedance Analysis), will surely give you accurate and precise measurements every time you step on them.

It is not so important how much you weight, but what your weight consists of.   

As I said before, it is crucial for me to understand how much body fat I have, or if my body retains too much water, among others. This gives important data on how to change a diet in order to get into that right-sized body that you have always dreamed of.

What better choice than this sleek, modern and elegant best rated smart scale, the Yunmai Premium Smart Scale.

Let’s look a little at the features of this scale


With an amazing #25 ranking scale on Amazon in the digital body weight scales, you simply cannot go wrong. There is a sophisticated technology behind this scale which makes it a must have.

1) 10 Health Measurements every time you step onto it

You got that right: 10 measurements to understand your body better

  • First you get your total body weight, the one that we love to tackle first when losing weight, but as you will see, not the most important one.
  • Body Fat: This is by far the most important thing to look at when getting your weight checked. You are looking for lower levels of body fat because that is what can ultimately lead to heart disease, diabetes, etc. This will give you a good idea on how to change your diet to lower this component.
  • Muscle Rate, better known as heart rate.
  • Water: Definitely important, since the high percentage of water can tell you about your kidney’s health. Does your body retain too much water?
  • Bone Mass
  • Visceral Fat
  • BMR: Basal Metabolic Rate                                
  • BMI: Body Mass Index
  • Protein
  • Body Age 

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This article would be too long to elaborate on each one of them, but as you see, there is valuable data given to you, of which you might watch some more than the others, but you will not want to miss anything out.

2) Bluetooth connectivity

Talking about modern technology in these scales. You connect the scale directly to your Smart Phone and get instant data delivered right into your hands without even looking down to the screen. You connect it through Bluetooth, another great option because your WiFi connectivity might not be optimal, so you will not need it.

But I see your worries, what if I forget my Smart Phone? No worries, the scale is not dependent on your Smart Phone, you can weigh yourself anytime without the phone.

No hassle to install, you simply download the App to your phone and you are good to go. The Yunmai App syncs with Apple Health, Fitbit and Google Fit. That is a great feature, you get it. This best rated smart scale will give you headaches: No setup is needed.

3) 16 Users can track their goals

Your family is most likely not that large, but numerous people can use this smart scale. And there is no need to write down information. Your data is stored directly into each phone that is connected. Each user can set up their own account and login to their personal profile.

4) Design
This scale with its elegant, sleek and modern design, large numbers and screen, it is the perfect addition to your home and your health.  You also have the option to buy it in black or white.  

5) Customer Service and Return Policy

There is good customer service when it comes to problems with your scale. They are highly concerned about that customers be happy with the product they buy.

A huge plus is the free exchange or return within 30 days. Go ahead and test the product and see for yourself what your think about it. And if you are disappointed by any means, do not hesitate the contact the manufacturer or get a refund or exchange.

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The Downsides of The Product

1) The App

Users of this product have said multiple times that the App is a little invading and can look like spyware! It is interesting that the App would need to access your contacts, your calendar and other apps in order to function correctly.

This can be intimidating at first, but the good thing is that you have control over what you want the App to access and what you are the one that ultimately changes the settings to what works best for you. No need to feel invaded by the App.

Another problem with the App is that it has the feature to pay a fee every year to have full access to all the features. However, you get the most valuable information every time you step onto the scale without buying the full access. So no need to be intimidated by that, because you likely do not have the money to spend on that every year to have some extended access, which you will not need after all.

Not for everybody

The scale is not a good choice for athletes, because it does not have that function. If you are low on body fat and have your right sized body, the numbers showing could be odd in some cases, which is not understandable. Somehow the App does not accurately measure all things in some cases.

However, it has proven to be among the highly accurate scales, with measurements within less than a pound of difference from the doctor’s office scale.

If you are not convinced yet that this is the scale for you, please be advised that this is an FDA listed scale with over five million users so far.

And it has an impressive 79% 5 star reviews on Amazon. With over 1500 reviews you can rely on the quality of the product.

Spend under $100 dollars for this smart scale.  Yes, all the great features for less than one hundred bucks.

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And there you have another product review, the best rated smart scale. If you should have any questions, please leave a comment below and we will be back to you.




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10 Comments Add yours
  1. Wow did not know that there was such a thing as a smart scale that I can even track with my goals! Will definitely keep this in mind the next time I am looking for one!

    1. Things have come really far! There are great gadgets nowadays to track your health, weight, BMI, etc. Great features to improve your health. I would highly recommend having one of these bathroom digital smart scales in your house.


  2. I have never heard of these products. I didn’t know it has the these 10 measurements. They an definitely help a person achieve better heath. I love this product. Thank you for the awesome review. I will definitely check it out.

    1. Hi Hong,
      I am glad you found my post informative. There are so many new things in the technology world that can overwhelm us sometimes, and we sometimes find them unnecessary. However, there are so many great features in today’s fitness equipment (an anywhere) that you are left in awe. These features definitely help you on different levels and to achieve success easier.

      I love this product as well,

  3. Hi Oscar, Wow, what an awesome set of scales these are. They have come a long way since I was a teenager (which is when I started dieting). I remember my mum’s scales always made you weigh a few pounds less than you actually were, which is why I loved them so much ha ha. I cannot believe how many features there are on these scales, and it’s so true, it’s all about what your weight is made up of as muscle is healthy and fat is not, and muscle weighs more than fat. It’s quite complex but these scales break it down and make it easier to understand.

    1. Correct. Although some people claim that smart scales are not reliable, they sure are. They can be out by a fraction of a pound, but does that seriously matter for home use? If you know how much belly fat you have, its more important to work on that belly fat, than to dispute about the half pound of difference from your doctors office.

      However, these scales have come a long way. I remember too that we did not have digital scales when I first started dieting.

      I love that fact that these scales tell you what your body weight is made up of.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.


  4. This is an amazing product to have. Just the tracking functionality and app integration makes it a winner for me.
    We have an Aria scale at the moment but doesn’t even get a quarter of these feature.
    I think I found my upgrade. Appreciate this detailed review Oscar.

  5. This is too much. I never even knew it existed. This thing can help you if you have medical issues I am sure. How long has this been around I wonder? I think it has a plus because more than one person in the house can utilize it.

    1. Thank you for posting a comment on this article. Smart scales that have all these features have not been around that long and were definitely not accessible to the public in the first place when they came out. But technology has come a long way.

      Indeed, these scales give so much data on your health and much more.

      If you should have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.


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