What Does It Mean When You Are Always Hungry? Here Is The Best Answer.

Does it Mean when you Are Always HungryHave you ever thought that the lack of water is a major reason for being constantly hungry? It might sound odd at first, but let me explain why water is part of the reason that many people feel hungry all the time.

Our body is made up of millions of cells that all have to complete thousands of tasks every day so your body can stay healthy and function properly. However, these cells all need to be replenished with nutrients and energy all the time, because they can “burn out”. If they do not get what they need for a certain time, you can expect these cells to go on “stress mode” because they have to make so much effort to use few resources efficiently.

Does that have to do anything with water?

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Water can do many great things for your body. One important thing that water does is to serve as a medium of transportation. Since our body is made up of at least 60% of water, water is the single most important component of our body that needs to be replenished frequently. We lose water through evaporation (sweating and breathing), urine, feces, vaginal discharge, among others.

In numbers, we are talking about 2,150-2,450 ml per day of water loss. Around 1,500 ml are lost through urine, about 500 ml through sweating and breathing, and the rest through feces and vaginal discharge. Over 2 liters per day is plenty of water. That is why doctors recommend that you drink 8 eight-ounce cups of water per day.

When the level of liquids in your body is decreasing, blood (which is mainly water) cannot go through your veins as easily and get all the nutrients to each and every cell. Remember how I stated that water is a medium of transportation? It gets all the nutrients to the cells but also flushes all the toxins out of your body through the kidneys.

Can you see how difficult it is for the body to work properly when you don’t drink enough liquids throughout the day? I have personally known people that drink very little at all through the day. They do not only not drink water, but they also don’t drink juices, sodas, coffee or other beverages. Isn’t their body more prone to retain toxins?

Not drinking enough is very stressful for our kidneys and research found that people that don’t drink enough are at higher risk for kidney stones. Toxins that cannot be flushed away will build up over time, not only in your kidneys but also in the rest of the body.

I highly recommend that you drink mostly water and not all the sweetened drinks or whatever kind of beverages. They have too many empty calories which in turn is not good for your health.

How Does That Have To Do With Hunger?

When your body is stressed because of a lack of fluids, it goes into “stress mode”, as stated before. It signals that something is missing and often it is the form of hunger.

The following example will clarify that a little better: Remember the day when you felt really tired and exhausted for no reason. All you could think about in your job is to get home and hop into bed and shut off. Your body tells you that something is very wrong. The immune system has detected a virus or an infection that it cannot seem to fight. Signals are sent to make you sleepy because the fight will require much energy and your body cannot afford to spend more energy on your daily chores, so it makes you feel really tired so you get your rest and the immune system can start the fight against the infection, which is commonly the flu.

That is exactly what your body does to you when you don’t drink enough fluids. Since all the food that you eat in a day is made up of around 20% of the recommended daily water intake, your body knows where to get water from. When you are always hungry, it means that your body has found the only source of liquids are foods. And since it is lacking liquids, you are always hungry.

Does that make sense?

I have found that drinking water is a solution to the problem. At least it solved my hunger problem. You need to understand that often your body is not asking for food through hunger, it is asking for water or liquids, but food can help to give a little of water back that was lost.

Please be aware that there are health issues which can cause you to be hungry most of the time, in which case you should see your family doctor immediately. If your doctor tells you that everything is fine and you are healthy, the reason for you to be always hungry could be water.

It is at least worth the try. Does it mean when you are always hungry

Take a bottle of water along wherever you go. Just like you never forget your wallet or your phone, don’t forget your bottle of water and have a small sip every hour, until you finish around 2 liters.

Drinking water is about forming a new habit. You need to get used to it at first, but after some time it will be something you will do because you will feel better.

If you think you cannot drink water, chose a drink you like, but know that it may not be as healthy.

One of my favorite ways to drink water is to infuse with fruit. Cut strawberries, lemons, mangoes, or whatever fruit you like and put in a few pieces in your bottle of water. The taste is very good and it makes water even healthier.

Some people also like to add essential oils (make sure you chose the ones that are eatable), others also like to add herbs, like peppermint to infuse their water.

Whatever works best for you, is fine. As long as you give your body the 2 Lt of water back that you lost, drink what you find best for yourself.


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