Why is Water Healthy For Your Body? Here Is The Answer.

Why is Water HealthyWhen I was younger, I did not like the taste of water at all. Seldom did I grab a glass and drink water. I preferred cold beverages and sodas. However, for many years, I believe from my early childhood on, I have known that our body needs fluids in order to function properly.

The only thing I liked was if I could get a hand full of ice cubes thrown into my cup of water and then drink a little water and eat the ice. But I really was not a fan of water.

As years went by, my mother became ill and had to go for kidney surgery because of huge stones that could not otherwise be “demolished”. At that time I was still very young and by the things my parents would talk about during this time, I knew that water played a role in those stones that nearly made my mom lose one of her kidneys.

After the surgery, I recall that my mom started to drink more water and always add lemon juice to it. That picture is still vividly in my head. I think that was when I was indirectly faced with the fact that water is healthy and you should have more of it than you are aware of. In fact, she stopped drinking sodas and all kinds of sweet beverages in order to prevent her sick kidney from producing more stones.

After I got married, I noticed that my wife would drink water for every single meal. I continued to drink my sweet drinks, sodas, and juices, because I disliked the taste of water strongly, and even worse, drinking water with a meal. Who could do that? Not me. It sounded impossible.

Nevertheless, after some time, before I noticed, I was starting to drink water for my meals and off I was to build a completely new habit, one that I would have never dreamed of. After around 9 years, I still continue to do that. I rarely drink anything else than water.

Not that I do not like other beverages, sweet drinks, juices, and other stuff, neither do I think that you should only drink water, but it is a matter of a habit for me and somehow I find it easier to grab a bottle of water or get some tap water and drink instead of preparing my beverage or even buying all that sweet stuff in stores.

I will also order water in any restaurant that I am going. After trying it many times, I find that I feel so much better when drinking only water for my meals. I seem to enjoy my meals much more than I did before I started drinking water for meals.

Now, this might not be working for you, but I am sharing this with you so you can think of it.

After some time, I have learned there are actually many health benefits to drinking water regularly. You might ask: Why is water healthy or is it really healthy?

Let me share 10 reasons why you should drink water regularly

1) Water has 0 calories

You heard me right. You want to drink water because it has no calories which will gain your weight. The daily recommended calorie intake is 2,000. Why not eat your calories through whole and good foods instead of filling up your body with hundreds of calories with beverages and sweet drinks. If you look at the calories found on nutrition facts on any drink, you will be surprised how many calories they have.

Here are some examples:

One 8 oz cup of:

  • Milk = 148 calories
  • Lemonade = 99 calories
  • Soda = 91 calories
  • Chocolate milk = 190 calories
  • Margarita = 541 calories
  • Cranberry juice = 137 calories
  • Cafe Latte = 67 calories

These numbers of calories are stunning and I could make the list longer with more examples of drinks that fill you up too quickly.

And this leads me to the next reason why you should drink water.

2) Water helps you lose weight

Although water has 0 calories, when you drink it, you will feel full. Feeling full means that you are most likely not eating as much as you would when not feeling full.

Therefore, fewer calories = lose weight.

Read more about understanding calories here.

Although water itself does nothing to help you lose weight, it prevents you from overeating. If you eat healthy whole foods, drink plenty of water, consume nutrient rich calories, do some exercise, you will be able to shed pounds rapidly.

Studies have shown that dieters that drink 2 cups of water at least 1/2 an hour before each meal had a 44% higher success rate with their weight loss than those who didn’t.

3) Water Helps Maintain A Healthy Balance of Fluids In Your Body

At least 60% of our body is made up of water, which is something I was taught back in elementary school. However, back then I was not told that all the fluids in our body have certain functions.

Blood, which is mainly water, helps transport nutrients to all the vital organs and to each and every cell in our whole body. Therefore, fluids in our body serve as a transportation medium.

Also, blood circulates through our body and reaches even the cell that is the farthest away and keeps providing oxygen. This process is called circulation. A healthy circulation maintains all organs healthy. What happens if the water in a pond does not circulate? It gets moldy, stinky, and undrinkable. That is exactly what would happen in our body if there was no circulation.

The fluids in our body are also responsible for the digestive system, from digesting the foods, absorbing the nutrients and flushing away wastes, and others.

You constantly lose body fluids through evaporation, urination, sweating, etc. In order to maintain the correct amount of fluids for your body to work well, you need to replenish it frequently, and there is no better way to do it than with plain water.

4) Water Energizes Muscles

If a muscle does not get enough fluids it shrivels, which means it shrinks. That results in muscle fatigue. If you exercise frequently, don’t forget to drink water abundantly, because you lose more fluids through exercise and your muscles will be more stressed.

If you sit long hours on your chair in front of your computer, give your muscles a break by giving them enough water so the electrolytes can get up and your muscles can get back in tone.

Rarely have I experienced muscle fatigue, even though I sit long hours on my office chair, because I drink water frequently. I firmly believe that it has to do with my frequent water intake.

Researchers recommend that you drink at least 2 cups of water 2 hours before going to the gym to do your routine. It is also highly recommended that you drink water in regular intervals during and after a workout.

If you are not a physically active person, try drinking at least 8 cups of water through the day and see if things at all change. If you are healthy, you will feel the difference.

Water energizes your whole body.

5) Water Keeps Your Skin Healthy

Don’t expect water to erase signs of aging. Since your skin is made up in part of water, giving it enough water will make your skin shine.

Dry skin is often caused by drinking to little water. It does not mean that you should now go and drink lots and lots of water just because you want your skin to be healthy. That is a process. It takes time and you will need to drink water regularly for weeks and maybe even months until the correct balance is reached.

The good thing about water is that you cannot get too much of it. Once you are fully hydrated, your kidneys take over and get rid of excess fluids. However, don’t overdo it because your kidneys are not made to work that hard to get rid of too much water that you drink just because you want healthy skin. You need to find the correct balance between drinking enough and too little water.

If you don’t want dry hands and feet, the trick is to drink water regularly throughout the day. Take a sip every 20 minutes or a cup every hour through the day. Don’t drink 3 cups in the morning, and another 3 in the evening. That is not what your body needs, because so much in so little time makes the kidneys get rid of what it cannot be processed at that very moment.

6) Water Keeps your Kidneys Healthy

Our body produces lots of wastes which it needs to get rid of. Many wastes are flushed away through urinating. However, the toxins that these wastes contain are not good for the kidneys. By drinking enough water, your kidneys can flush away and get rid of these toxins, which in turn makes kidneys healthier.

Chronically not drinking enough water can lead to kidney stones. Research has found, indeed, that people that do not drink enough water over time have shown to be at higher risk for kidney stones.

Highly concentrated urine, dark colored, and with a strong odor is a sign that you did not get enough water or liquids. When you get enough liquids, your urine is not as dark, and it doesn’t smell bad.

Since water keeps your kidneys healthy, you will want to drink water abundantly throughout the day; another reason why you should drink water.

7) Healthy Bowel Movements Are Linked to Water

If we don’t drink enough water, the colon pulls out water of the wastes to function properly. That results in constipation because your stool gets harder.

Our digestive system is full of fluids all the time to maintain it healthy. If you get the correct amount of water, that will pump up the fiber, which in turn will act as a broom in your intestinal tracts and clean it very well. However, if you get enough fiber, but it cannot get properly into the intestines through liquids, it cannot do its function.

Who wants to be constipated? Nobody. Give your body enough water and things can change. (There are other causes of constipation, therefore, do not solely rely on water intake to solve the problem, although it can help).

8) Water Can Prevent Headaches and Migraines

Since fluids circulate in your body all the time, it is easy to understand that your head can start to hurt if you do not have enough blood circulating through your body. Actually, you will have enough blood, but your bloodstream needs to be replenished and it has a hard time looking for liquids to do that and in the meantime, not enough blood circulates to all your body.

Although there is no evidence that migraines and headaches go away by only drinking water, people that participated in studies reported that headaches were less intense and decreased in length significantly. We must take into account that there are different types of headaches and they are triggered by different reasons. However, headaches in dehydrated people have shown to decrease in intensity and duration by drinking water.

If you are suffering from headaches, I suggest you try this simple and cheap recipe and see if you are dehydrated.

9) Drinking Water Has A Major Effect On Brain Health

There are numerous reasons as to why water is healthy for our body. Another important reason to drink water is to affect your brain health.

Staying hydrated is well-known to keep your concentration levels up. There is a reason why there are bottles of water at nearly every staff meeting. Staff members are being asked to stay awake and energized through the meeting. There are other causes of feeling tired and exhausted and not being able to concentrate, but water is among the most common reasons why people are tired and not able to concentrate.

Next time you go to a meeting, whenever you start to feel tired, drink a sip of water, and do that repeatedly over the next 15 minutes and you will see a change. Your brain will start to get back on track.

Our brain, the most important organ in our body, needs to be vitalized all the time and filled up with all the nutrients so it can send the millions of signals to each and every organ in our body. If you don’t give your body enough water, nutrients cannot reach the brain in time and frequency as necessary, which decreases brain functions.

10) Water Avoids Strong Mouth Odor

Bad breath is primarily caused by food particles and food rests in your gums and teeth. Drinking water frequently helps you wash away particles which cause a bad smell.

Water is not an effective smell suppressant if you drink it only 2 or 3 times per day. If you want to avoid a bad breath, you need to drink a sip or two of water every frequently in an hour and you will notice a big difference.

This is one of my favorite reasons to drink water, although all the others are more important than this one. As I said, I rarely drank water years ago. I often did not drink anything for meals, which made me go without any drink for up to 8 hours during a workday. I often wondered how I could get rid of my bad breath until I read about the effects of drinking water frequently on mouth odor.

And my mouth odor has been very different ever since I started to drink water regularly through the day. I would not want to miss it.

How Can I Up my Water Intake?

Your body does not only get water by drinking plain water. Food is a strong source of water, and also are all drinks. If you do not like to drink plain water every single day, vary your intake of water by doing different things like:

  • Eat vegetables and fruits because they are made up of water in great portions.
  • Drink unsweetened juices, teas, sodas or other favorite beverages so you get the most water you can get out of them. Although I do not recommend this at all because of all the empty calories that take in by consuming all kinds of drinks, it is at least an option for those who think they cannot “solely live on water”.
  • Keep a bottle of water with you all the time. It should be with you as your phone is likely with you all the time.
  • Set small goals about your water intake and stick to it until you make a new habit. It takes only 30 days to form a new habit and drinking water regularly is no exception. Your body will be asking you soon enough for a sip once you form the new habit. You can rely on your body because your body will thank you if you get your water intake up.

Concluding, why is water healthy? Water does so many things to your body that no other thing on planet earth can do. This is the single cheapest medicine for your body. At least in many parts of the world, we have it for free or for a cheap price. Why not use it and help our body stay healthy?


If you learned new things in this post, please let me know, as I love to teach people new things about their health. And if you have a question, want to share a thought, or even if you disagree, please leave a comment below. That is appreciated as well. Or do you have a family member who does not think that water is healthy, feel free to share it with them?

Have a great day,




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