Why People Do Not Lose Weight? And Why Am I Not Losing Weight?

Why People Do Not Lose WeightRecently, I have learned new things about my personal weight loss, since I am trying to lose weight myself. In one of my previous posts, I stated that I had lost 21 pounds. On September 25th, 2017, I started Bright Line Eating, a program developed by Susan Peirce Thompson, in which you follow 4 bright lines, no sugar, no flour, measure your food, and eat 3 or 5 meals a day.

For the first month, everything did go very well: I lost the 21 pounds.  After that, things slowed down for a while, even though I followed the program (not 100% strict).  After another month, I had lost only 4 more pounds, which was a little disappointing to me.

Over and over I have wondered why people do not lose weight, even though they watch closely what they eat.  And I took it to a more personal level: Why did I not lose more weight?  I was going down so well and was so happy with my achievement, but then it suddenly slowed down.

Here are a few answers that I have been thinking of lately and definitely make sense to me.

1) Fatigue And Sleep Deprivation

You can find quite some research that if you go on a diet, you should be sleeping well and enough so your body can function and get those excess pounds off. There are 2 hormones in our body related to hunger and fullness: Ghrelin and leptin. When you sleep too little, ghrelin is released into the body, making you feel hungry and you are likely to eat a little or even a lot more than you would when you are not sleep deprived. When you are not sleep deprived, leptin can do its job and tell you when you are full.

Research also tells us that body fat is not going down when sleep deprived. Your insulin levels (insulin is the hormone that changes food into energy) quickly go down which means that sugars, starches, and others cannot be converted into energy, and are therefore stored as fat.Fatigue

And lastly, research has shown that our body is on “conservation-of-energy-mode” when we make long days and short nights. Our body is trying to save up those calories for later and that explains why weight loss is not possible when you do not sleep well or are tired regularly.

Good news is that it only takes a few days to come back on track with your weight loss. You can find that within 14 days of good sleeping, your fat will dramatically reduce.

And why have I not been losing weight lately? I have been doing way too many extra hours of work in the last 2 weeks. I have stayed up every day until around 12:00 pm and got up at around 6:00, which is only 6 hours of sleep. Looking back at the first weeks of my diet, I slept between 8-9 hours daily. I have been eating pretty much the same over the past weeks but haven’t been able to put off some pounds, which is a little disappointing, but it tells me exactly what I should be back to sleeping if I want to continue on my journey successfully.

2) Sugar And Flour Are The Big Ones…

Why is that so? People will often say that those are the best things to eat. I am not convinced. I have been reading and learning about food addiction lately. Could it be that sugar and flour are highly addictive? That would explain why that is “the-best-food-ever”.

If you want to read about it about this food addiction yourself, click here.

My diet consists mainly of avoiding sugar and flour. I have been eating proteins and lots and lots of vegetables and fruit and also good fats. Do I see or feel a difference? Definitely! I have experienced in the past weeks that my cravings for desserts and bread are way less than what they used to be. There are even days when I do not care about those foods anymore. I can feed my small son cheesecake or a hamburger (which I should not be doing) and I do not feel like I am even hungry for it. I have been to meetings, where only sweet snacks have been served and I was able to say “No”. Something I had never done before.

Research shows that sugar and flour keep leptin to lower levels. That means that the higher intake of sugar and flour you have, the smaller the chance that your body will tell you when you are full. And what happens? You eat too much. Your willpower is down to zero with this food addiction.

Here is an interesting article about willpower.  Click here.

The 21 pounds that I shed are directly linked to sugar and flour. I had been avoiding them for over 7 weeks. It does not mean that I have had nothing, but it has been very little. For example, on one particular Sunday during those weeks, I ate a small piece of cake, which was the only thing I had that week that was sweet or had flour.

If you have been trying to lose weight, try this one: Eat nothing that has sugar or flour in it.  You will see the results very soon.  My wife and I have both been on this diet, although she doesn’t have too many extra pounds.  By only avoiding sugar and flour, she has now lost around 10 pounds in 8 weeks.  Excellent proof that sugar and flour are directly connected to weight gain/weight loss.

3) Beverages

If you want it or not, but drinking other things than plain water is a high intake of calories in most cases.  Store-bought juices are high in sugar; therefore high in empty calories, which just quickly fill you up but don’t give you what your body needs.

In fact, belly fat is directly linked in part to sweet drinks.  There is sugar in most beverages, and not only a little sugar, in many cases, it stands in first place.  Click here for a list of drinks that are highly sugared and to learn more about the importance of drinking water daily.

I don’t drink much of sweetened drinks because I mostly drink water, which in this case could not be the problem with weight loss.

Is That All?

There are other things that definitely play a role in your weight loss success:

-Only recently did I learn that dairy products are great inhibitors of weight loss.  Yogurt, butter, cream, cheese, and milk are not your friends.  I have tried to cut them out and then putting them back in and definitely, no matter if you eat the number of calories that you usually would, if you have no dairy products in them, you will lose weight.

-Lack of physical activity.  Who doesn’t know that?  If you eat too much and don’t burn the excess calories, they are stored as fat.

I definitely need to be more attentive to these reasons why people don’t lose weight and see what happens after some time.


Hope you learned something new as well? Please leave your comments below. Share if you have experienced something alike? Do you think there are more reasons to not losing weight? And do you agree with the ones that I mentioned?


Hope to see you again soon,

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13 Comments Add yours
    1. Hi Raymond, have you fought this problem in your life as well? It is a really issue and we have a global obesity pandemic going on and it will be growing in the future. How important for us to work against this problem and start with ourselves. But sometimes there are challenges that stand in our way so we cannot lose weight. But when you get the thing that will not let you lose weight, you can definitely succeed.

      Much success to you,

  1. Hi Oscar. You ask a very common question here and do you know what, you have all the answers in your article.
    We eat fat too much refined sugar. We eat far to much food made from flour. And we don’t drink enough water. Dairy products like butter, cheese and cream are also huge factors.
    You know what you have to do my friend, but knowing is not good enough, you have to do.
    What about exercise ?

    1. Thank you, Roy! Appreciate your feedback. Yes, I think the answers are in my article. Refined sugar – read about it in another article at http://myfamleez.com/learn-about-one-of-the-best-natural-ways-to-lose-weight-fast. There are some good explanations on them and why to avoid them. Actually, I had not thought that dairy products would make a difference. I am trying that out now – cutting dairy from my meals. I am anxious to see some results. Also, water plays a vital role for proper body functioning and obviously weight loss.

      Exercise – not my favorite. Personally, I stay away from exercise while losing weight. I am putting to much willpower into losing weight, and I have noticed my willpower depleted after each day and exercise takes that to another level. There are pros and cons. I plan to elaborate on that soon. So please stay tuned to read about my insights into exercise. Thanks again!

  2. Oscar,

    Good for you for sticking with it. That I really think is the hardest part. We can all diet for a few days but sticking with it to see results even if they are slow is good. You are on the right track avoiding sugar and eating more veggies and fruit. I have found a Diet that works really well that you may consider if your current course is not getting you to where you want. I do Alternate day fasting, which basically means I consume no more than 800 calories on one day then the next day I am back to around 2400 and then I keep going back and forth every other day, It trains your body to consume fat at a higher metabolic rate as if you ate 2400 every day. So far results are great. Being Vegan I naturally avoid dairy but it gets challenging to only count calories, basically, I can eat whatever works, just keep it in the calorie range. Yes, drinking water is a must, when dieting, get as much as you can handle, it helps flush out the toxins and other stuff holding you back. Sleep as you mentioned is also critical.
    You are on the right track. Thank you for this informative post, I have learned something.
    Great Job and good luck on the weight battle.
    Take Care

  3. Very interesting. I agree with you that fatigue, sleep deprivation, and sugar affect weight loss. I’ve been there. I worked in the IMCU for a year in the past. It was a very stressful job. Everything day I came home mentally and physically drained. I was tired and also never had time to sleep. I wanted to lose weight, but instead I gained a lot of weight, I think it has to do with me eating a lot of sugary foods and other junks. Ever since I started eating healthy, the number on the scale also came done. Anyways, this is a very informative and educational article. Keep up with the good work.

    1. Thank you for commenting on my article. I am glad you lost some weight by cutting sugary foods! Thank you also for sharing your experience with me! It helps me and others.

  4. Very interesting article on why people do not lose weight and why you are not losing any weight. I’m pretty sure a lot of people can relate to being deprived of sleep. I’m one of them but had no clue it could prevent someone from losing weight. Can getting too much sleep stop you from losing weight also? My sister has been trying to lose weight and has had a very hard time doing so. Maybe sleep is her problem? I will have to inform her of this asap.

    This is the first I have heard of Ghrelin and Leptin. I thought it was just melatonin and serotonin when it came to sleeping and waking up. Very educational.

    Also laying off the sugar and flour may be one of my sister problems. We have been eating just about everything that has sugar and flour in it. This will be the biggest test yet? Any pointers on how to get started laying off the sugar and flour?

    Thank you for writing this article. It was very helpful to me and will prove to be even more helpful to my sister who is actually trying to lose weight.

    1. Yes, it is right. My nutritionist told me that stress and sleep deprivation affect weight loss, and I have experienced it lately. It would be great if your sister could be helped.

      I learned about leptin and ghrelin only recently as well. The interesting thing though is that sugar affects leptin levels; leptin cannot work properly if you have higher levels of sugar. The last 10 weeks that I have not been eating sugar and flour (at least almost none), I notice that leptin has kicked in, like never before (because I used to eat lots of sweets and especially breads). I do not feel as hungry as I did before and there are days when I eat my portion of food and I am not even tempted to get another plate. So the levels of these important hormones really to affect our hunger.

      Thanks for asking about how to lay sugar and flour off! I will detail on that in my next post. So stay tuned, and I hope you get some answers.

      All the best as you try to eat healthier for weight loss,

  5. Very informative article! I didn’t have any struggle with losing weight because I tend not to have a big appetite and eat less but I know a friend who is facing the same problem. She LOVES candy and I love it as well but not the point where it becomes an addiction. I also realize that I don’t get full from eating sugary products as well! Oh boy, I have to cut down on my sugar intake.

    Do you have any suggestions on the alternatives to sugar? What if I crave sugar but I do not want to have it due to health reasons?

    1. You post a very interesting question. Sugar cravings – what many people have. I think craving for sugar is a sign of a level of addiction to it. It took me around 3 weeks from when I started to eat no sugar at all that my cravings went away. Not that I could not eat it anymore, but right now (after 10 or so weeks of no sugar), if I smell dessert or see dessert, it sure is very very sweet to me, and I do not crave it. I have been feeding my boy sweets and I didn’t care trying it. I think once you cut that out of your diet your body adjusts to it. I will write a little more about it in the next post. Stay tuned for more details on that topic.

      (P.S. – I have had very very little sugar in the last few weeks – on a scale from 1-100 it would be less than one. Just wanted to clarify that).

    1. THanks, that is a great insight from somebody with experience. I have been sleeping well lately and I am going down again with my weight. I think it really are the biggest problems for not being able to lose weight. And yes, sugar, not to mention! That is definitely one of the big problems. We are so often invited over to places where tons of sweets are served. For instance, today I was at a meeting and so many sweets were served (of course, I did not eat any of them 🙂 ) Going to restaurants, we are presented delicious desserts and off we are to eat them and our weight cannot go down. Thanks for sharing. I will look into your page and I can definitely learn from that.

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